Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ready to share!!!

August 29th, 08
When I got up and went to the bathroom there was no spotting no nothing but this was in the middle of the night so I told God if when I get up for the day there is no spotting I will take a pregnancy test. So When I got up for the day there was no spotting so I took a test. And much to my surprise written out digitally it said PREGNANT! I could hardly believe my eyes. I was filled with excitement and wanted to tell Chris. I was shaking super hard and could hardly get dressed. Chris was outside taking care of something when he walked in the door I was standing there pregnancy test in hand and said babe you were right this is the month. We both just hugged each other and cried and cried. I had to sit down because my legs were so weak. I then told him I’m excited but I’m so scared. He tried comforting me but unless you have went through a loss you just don’t know the emotions that come over you with this. So we called the doc and was told to go in for blood test which I did but then I would have to wait all the way till Tuesday to get another blood test to make sure my numbers were going up like they should so that I could start my heprin shots(had to wait till Tuesday because of labor day). So I went and had my blood drawn. Following this I came home and pulled out my pregnancy books which have been put up for quite some time. But I was also very crampy today which freaked me out, but I had NO SPOTTING PRAISE GOD!

August 30th, 08
Chris and I have told no one of the pregnancy because we want to tell my parents first and they are coming into town on Friday so we will have to keep our lips sealed. However I seriously needed a prayer warrior praying for Chris and I and this baby to take the fear away. Today I was cramping too pretty bad so I was having a hard time having peace about this pregnancy and being excited at the same time. So I told Streeter a girl that I work with and when I told her she and I both cried. She knows how much Chris and I want this and the struggles we have went through in the past with this. She is an awesome prayer and so is her husband so they have been praying for us! Thank you Lord for these awesome people you have placed in our lives! Today I had no spotting but some light brown mucousie discharge…yeah I know you don’t want to read that but oh well its my journal and I’ll write what I want =) So I was so happy to not have spotting again….I have never been pregnant and not had spotting throughout the entire pregnancy. I also read in one of my books today that cramping is normal and sometimes it’s a lot more painful than just period cramps so God must have put that in place for me to read to help relieve some of my stress.

August 31st, 08
Today was a great day. I was so excited about this pregnancy and my fears were pushed aside. My cramping decreased drastically! I had NO SPOTTING and just a couple times of the light brown mucous like discharge. Having Mr and Mrs Streeter praying and my hubby has just brought such a peace to me. So today I decided how we would tell my parents. I have been saying for over a year that I was going to cut my hair once I became pregnant and donate it. So yesterday I looked through some hair books and found a short hair style and I’m pretty sure once my mom sees that my hair is gone she will immediately know that I am pregnant! Knowing her she probably already knows even though I haven’t told her yet. This is one thing that is killing me is not telling her. She is the one person outside of my hubby that I want to talk to about this more than anyone. But I know it will be worth it to wait till she is down here on Friday and to see her face she and my dad are going to be the best Grandparents ever, Chris’ parents will be good too….this baby is going to have so much love! Thank you Lord for giving me peace and allowing me to be excited about this!

September 1st, 08
Today is Labor day! I have to work which is fine because if I didn’t I would be sitting at the house all day waiting for night time to hit so I could go to bed and get up and go get my blood drawn tomorrow. I just know that everything is doing what it is suppose to do and we will be starting my heprin shots tomorrow! Thank you Lord for continuing to be with me and Chris!

September 2nd, 08
Well we got the levels back today and they are going up just as they should but were still too early in the pregnancy to do the shots so next week we will go again and see what the levels are and then they will determine about the shots.

September 3rd-8th, 08
Well I have had no spotting at all. I had my blood drawn and my levels are still going up as they should…Praise God. I have to get an ultrasound on Friday which I’m excited about and scared about at the same time but I know God is in control and everything is going to be fine.

September 9th-September 12th, 08
NO SPOTTING still! YAY!!! God is so good. Also we went to the doc today and had the ultrasound and saw the little flutter of the baby but its still really close to the wall of my uterus so kinda hard to see…but the sac and the yoke sac look great according to the doc. He says he is very optimistic about this pregnancy and every looks like it is suppose to at 6 weeks along. He had us learn how to do the injections today and I will start them tomorrow. I had my blood drawn today which I will find out about on Monday but I’m sure its PERFECT and then we will have another ultrasound next week some time. So YAY!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Taking time off the blog....

I will be taking a little time off of the blog, not off of my life style change though! I will still be journaling but it will be about some stuff that I am not ready to share with just anyone but I'm sure eventually I will post it on here but for now I wont be posting anything very soon. I will continue to post my weigh ins on Wednesdays though! Have a blessed day! God is GOOD ALL THE TIME!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chris is officially a fire fighter...and still as always my number one support!

August 21st, 08
I cannot wait to get out of work tonight because we are heading to Flint. I get to see some old friends which is so exciting and get to see Chels since she just moved to ann arbor. Plus we get to tell everyone about Chris being hired on to Harris Township fire department. I'm so super proud of him. He is the best and deserves this! This is super great!

August 22nd, 08
Today has been soooo busy as most days back in town are. Just trying to see everyone is hard but we like it. Today I got to speak with an old friend who I am going to be praying for and encouraging throughout her weightloss journey. This is so great and what I have wanted since I started this. Now God has me at a place that I can help others. Also she may be helping me turn this all into some kind of workbook to help others as well which is soooooo amazing! God is working so much out! God is good!

August 23rd, 08
Today we spent the day with Chels at the campground. It was a great day. A little more relaxing than yesterday was because we went to the campground. It was a good day. And I did really well with food choices and I still got my workout in even though we were so busy!

August 24th, 08
We came home today. I wanted to eat all stinking day long. I don’t know why. But I ended up going to the store and buying fruit so that if I was going to over eat it was going to be on the fruit and not on any other junk! I had a great workout even though I did NOT want to workout at all today. I wanted to sleep all day long. But God gave me the strength to get my fat butt up and work out! Even when you don’t want to workout just think about how you will feel when your done. And think about how its going to effect you tomorrow if you don’t workout today. If you miss today then I’m sure tomorrow will be that much easier to miss so get up and get moving!

August 25th, 08
Great workout today. Another day of wanting to eat all day so fruit it was! Not much to say today! God bless!

August 26th, 08
Well tomorrow is weigh day! I think I did okay this week. Even with not having a regular schedule and being out of town I think I lost at least something. We will see tomorrow.

August 27th, 08
I lost 1.5 lbs which puts me at 126 lbs lost. I currently weight 247 lbs.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm finally under 250 yay!

August 14- the 19th, 08
Pretty much the same old stuff. Get up early. Work out and go to work! My workouts this week have been great. I have uped them in intensity and it has been awesome! Just so busy lately with watching our friends baby in the mornings and getting my workouts in and getting to work. The days are flying by. By the way if your reading this please continue to pray for Chris and I we are still trying to get pregnant again and pray that when it does happen that all fear would be gone and we wouldn’t focus on the losses from the past but know that God is in control and will keep everything healthy and safe! I have started combining days in my journal for the simple fact that I am so crazy busy it is hard to get on everyday and put a journal entry in plus they are getting to be pretty repetitive=) So God bless!

August 20th, 08
So I lost 2.5 lbs this week yay! I have lost a total of 124.5 now which puts me at 248.5lbs.…still a lot but gosh you have no idea how great it feels to say I way under 250 now. The last time I weighed 250 must have been in like 7th grade. I was doing Jenny craig at that time in 7th grade and remember my last weigh in there after I had lost weight was 255lbs so I’m feeling great about the 248 right now! Thank you Lord for your constant strength and encouragement!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm soooo here is where I catch up

August 2nd, 08
Working this weekend which sucks because I have gotten to use to having time off. Its okay though next weekend I will be in Flint yay!

August 3rd, 08
Not much to say. Just a busy morning with getting my workout in and getting to work….same oh same oh!

August 4th, 08
Its Monday and its our first day watching our friends baby. She was very fussy today and it was hard to get my workout in….but that’s okay I guess its just practice for whenever we have our babies. Nothing interesting again today….be blessed!

August 5th, 08
I’m so excited because tomorrow I leave to go to Flint. I can’t wait to see all my guys. They haven’t seen me since I have lost weight…and I just can’t wait! Tomorrow is weigh day so keep your fingers crossed, hopefully I hit the 120 lb mark for losing!

August 6th, 08
I did it I have lost a total of 120 lbs as of today wooohooo! I can’t believe it! I have so much to do though because I have to catch the train to Flint soon!

August 7th, 08
So the rehearsal was today and when the guys saw me the reactions were priceless and made me feel so good! This hard work is really paying off in so many ways! And I got to be the only girl at the bachelor party being that I am best friends with the groom and that was awesome! Gosh it is so great to finally feel good about myself! Thank you Lord!

August 8th, 08
Today has been crazy busy. This morning I went and got my hair cut and had an updo done for the wedding. Then went to Brandons to help him with stuff for his big day then it was time to get to the church…gosh it was a crazy busy day but it was sooooo great! Thanks to my hubby I had the perfect dress that everyone raved about the only thing missing was my hubby today…but I get to see him tomorrow YAY!

August 9th, 08
My parents and I drove out to Muskegon today and Chris met us there to pick me up but first we spent the day walking the Pier in Muskegon and then went to Grand Haven and did the same. The day flew by but it was a great one! Time for bed now!

August 10th, 08
I’m so exhausted today. I can hardly move. The dancing from Friday night has hit me today and I’m in pain. I haven’t been this sore since our hiking trip…this is crazy! So I’m taking a break today from my workout which is okay because I worked out everyday that I was away.

August 11th, 08
Its back to work day and I’m not looking forward to it. I don’t know but just lately I have not been motivated for work at all. I need to kick it into gear! But I have been doing great with eating right and exercising….I think the only thing I do mess up with sometimes is not eating enough….you know I have a hard time getting past the mindset that eating very little won’t help you lose weight….I’m figuring it out though!

August 12th, 08
So tomorrow is weigh day and I hope I did okay. The numbers have really been dropping and I know its because now that I’m am down that it is going to start coming off slower. My goal is to lost 8-10 pounds per month so I pray I keep that up even with it being so much harder to drop the weight now that I weigh less. I know God will see me through!

August 13th, 08
This will be short and sweet because I have to get a workout in before getting to work. I was mandated so I have to go in early. Well I weighed and I lost 2 lbs which puts me at 122lbs so yay! K I’m going now…have a good one! God is GOOD!

Friday, August 1, 2008

week in missouri...

July 22nd, 08
I packed today and we are leaving tonight for a week in Missouri so I will see you in a week! Be blessed!

July 30th, 08
Well we arrived in Missouri on July 23rd which was weigh day and I only lost 1.5 lbs last week which puts me at 117lbs lost. And then today was weigh day and I didn’t lose any. But I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I mean I was on vacation and at least I didn’t gain. I did work out every day of vacation though so I’m really proud of myself for that! My inlaws were really surprised to see how much weight I had lost and all were very proud of me. I ate healthy as everyone else had cakes and desserts, and went out for custard…I kept strong the entire time and did not give in even once! I’m really proud of me right now! Plus I got to shop at stores for clothes that I have never shopped before. Nice to be able to go some where that doesn’t sell all plus size clothes and shop for once in my life….its freaking great to feel I guess normal! Well it was a great week away but I came back feeling so exhausted! We were very blessed to have the time away together but now its time to get back into the routine of things! Thank you Lord for the great time and keeping me strong throughout the week!

July 31st, 08
Today I took the boys to the 4-H fair. I was so excited because I fit very comfortably inside the rides. And if your small you wouldn’t understand this at all. But I know this time last year I would not have been able to ride any of the rides at the fair due to my size, but this year was a different story. I actually enjoyed the fair this year and didn’t have to worry about if the bars would latch or not or if the belts would reach across me. Like I said before if your small you just don’t understand the fear of waiting to get on a ride and hoping that you fit in the seat and even if you fit in the seat hoping that whatever guard is holding you in fits so that it will lock. I never want to return to that fear again and we all know how small fair rides seats are and I had NO PROBLEMS at all!!!! It was a great day filled with lots and lots of walking and enjoying rides…I would have never been able to do this before.

August 1st, 08
So its Friday, my day off. Oh what shall I do. I know I’m going to RELAX! My hubby has to work today which I’m bummed about. So we spent the morning together running around grocery shopping and stuff. Then he made lunch and headed off to work. I then had a great work out. Now I’m on here. When I’m done writing I’m going to have a girls night with myself and I’m so excited about it. I rented some chick flicks from redbox(movies I knew chris wouldn’t want to see) and I’m going to kick back and watch them and do a whole lot of nothing but enjoy not doing anything! Its going to be great(although I will miss my hubby). So I’m off for my girls or should I say girlie evening!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Soooo ready for a vacation!

July 18th, 08
Well today I had the day off! We were super busy trying to get the house clean because today is the only day I have to get things done before we leave for Missouri. Plus we were having important company over today so we were so busy! But the house is clean yay! We had some friends over which was great! Then we had time together which also was great! It was an awesome day and I can’t wait for 7 of these next week….minus the cleaning my house because I’m going to be GONE!

July 19th, 08
Well another 12 hour day ahead of me. I worked out. And did what I needed to do but now its time to head out to work again! 4 more days till Missouri!

July 20th, 08
Only 2 more 12 hour days left and I am so proud of myself. I have been getting up early enough to get my workouts in before these long work days it has been great! I’m ready for them to be over though but I do thank God for providing the OT! God is good!

July 21st, 08
I finished my 6 OT day and I’m so happy. This means one more regular work day and then we are off to Missouri. But this also means…I have SOOOO much to do. I have been able to do nothing this week because of all the hours I have been working so no packing has been done and no laundry…so I should get off of here and get it done! Have a blessed day. I probably won’t get a chance to update this again till we get back!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

work, work, and more work.....

July 14th, 08
Well I got called into work today. I did get a workout in but I’m tired. I’m working 12 hours today so I gotta get out of here! Have a blessed one!

July 15th, 08
So for the next 6 days that I work 5 of them are 12 hour shifts. And I just did a 12 hour shift yesterday. One of the girls I work with called off for the week! I know I’m gonna regret it each morning that I have to get up and go to work early but at the same time I’m blessed by it too because that is a lot of over time! Tomorrow is weigh day…pray I lost! By the way even though I’m working the 12 hour days I’m still getting my workouts in! I did my workout 2 times today! Thank you Lord for all the strength that you give me!

July 16th 08
So it was weigh day and I did okay. Not great thought. I lost 2.5 lbs which I know is good but I wanted 4. Oh well I can only do what I can do right! Thank you Lord for the weight that I did lose! Well off to work again for another 12 hours…I’m taking the boys to the YMCA today so we can all get a good workout in!

July 17th, 08
This is my third 12 hour day coming up today which means 3 more after this but I do have tomorrow off which I’m happy about! I don’t really have time to be on here because I still have to do breakfast and my workout and get ready for my long work day…so have a great day! Be blessed! By the way yesterday when I took my boys to the YMCA I outlasted all of them on the elliptical and was going much faster than they were…it was great!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The weekend.....good times...

July 10th, 08
I had my supervision at work today and it went really well. I’m apparently doing great but I guess I’m a little too nice as a supervisor to the other staff so they are slacking a bit, but if that’s the worst that comes out of my supervision is me being nice then yay! Today was good….Jenn is coming to visit tomorrow…yay…and I get to spend a whole day with my hubby and I can’t wait!

July 11th, 08
Its Friday yay and I’m spending the day with my amazing husband. Jenn will be coming into town this evening. I’m so excited to be with my hubby all day! So I’m getting off of here so I can be with him.

July 12th 08
Today is girls day. Spent the morning with my hubby and Jenn, but now its time for girls night out…see ya later!

July 13th, 08
Well I went out with the girls last night we went to Fridays and I only ordered a water and ate nothing(it was too late to be eatin‘). Then we went to the Landing and did some dancing…it was great fun…and a really good work out! Even though Jenn was in town and I knew I was gonna be up late and dancing’ I was still sure to get my workout in yesterday morning….and today(although my body didn‘t want to today)! God is so good! He continues to keep me strong and pressing through! Thanks Lord for a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July is flying by.....and where did June go...

July 6th, 08
I took the kids to the beach today and we had a great time. Played volleyball in the water which was a really good workout my legs were super sore. Not much to report today. No struggles with food or workouts. God is good!

July 7th, 08
Its Monday…I got up early and got my workout in, then went to work for a meeting, came home and had lunch then went back to work…not a very interesting day!

July 8th, 08
I’m feeling bloated today like I’m retaining water or something…I don’t know. Chels said I look super small today but I’m not feeling it. I did my workouts and ate right but just don’t feel great. Tomorrow is weigh day so I’m hoping its good!

July 9th, 08
Weigh day…well I didn’t hit the 4.5 lb goal which stinks but I did hit 3 lbs which I’m happy about….I’m setting another 4 lb goal for myself for next week. I’m at a total of 113 lbs lost now so yay…I would like to be at 120 lbs lost by the time we go to Missouri which is in 2 weeks so I’m going to have to work hard to get these 7 lbs off by then! I know I can do it with Gods help!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July weekend...

July 3rd, 08
Had a great day today. Did my workouts! Took the boys at work to the beach and had so much fun! It was just a great day!

July 4th, 08
My hubby surprised me by taking the day off and it was great! We went shopping. Then just spent the rest of the day together. Then some friends came over and we watched a movie then went outside and watched some fireworks! It was a nice day….I just love days like these with my amazing hubby! Thank you Lord for all your blessings!

July 5th, 08
I’m not feeling the greatest today! But I still did my work out! Getting ready for work now! Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


July 1st 08
Wow today has just been amazing! God has been so good to me! First of all I don’t know if you remember the day that I was venting about stuff at work but today the person that I was having the issues with was like a completely different person…or who knows maybe God changed me…you know a lot of times when we pray to God to change someone else we really need to deal with what needs to change about us first…but I’m not going to preach. But anyways back to this issue….its all good! So then following this I did have a kid threaten to beat me up with a chair and started coming at me with it…now you would think that would have stressed me out and made this day bad but it didn’t phase me one bit. Following this I found out I was employee of the month which is cool and I get to pick a $20 gift card so yay. Then following this our company gets an email from our top dog(boss) that says they were looking over the budget and they feel really bad about the fact they were unable to hand out bonuses in December so tomorrow everyone who works full time and was hired before April 08 gets $100. What a blessing! God is just AWESOME! He is awesome in the not so good times to (don’t forget that)! GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!

July 2nd, 08
Today is weigh day…..and I hit the goal of losing 4.5 lbs and I actually lost 5 lbs YAY! Now I’m at 110(well 109.8 if you want to be technical) I now weigh 263 lbs WOOHOOO!!!! Goal for next week is another 4.5 lbs….I know its going to be hard but I’m going to do my best to hit it! Thank you Lord for your strength, and peace, you are awesome!

Must have forggoten to add these on here when I put them in my journal...sorry!

June 28th, 08
I did a whole lot of nothing today. I mean I did my work out…3 actually, but other than that I was pretty useless around here. I just chilled most of the day outside of working out…it was actually really nice! It was a great day off but I missed my hubby he had to work all day long!

June 29th, 08
So I did 3 workouts again today…I refuse to let my body hit a plateau which I believe is what its trying to do with only losing 2 lbs last week and zero the week before. I went shopping all day with Chels which was a lot of fun…I got my shoes for my friends wedding….now if only I could find the perfect dress…I think I did we will see I ordered it and it will be here in a couple days…but I also thought the last dress I bought was “the dress” but now I’m thinking it wasn’t. I have to look AMAZING at this wedding….I have lost so much weight since I have seen pretty much all the people that are going to be there so I have to look great! We will see when this dress gets here if it makes the cut…lol.

June 30th, 08
Its Monday and I’m back to work. I did 2 workouts this morning one after breakfast and the other after lunch and I think I will do a quick one tonight when I get home…but we will see. Have a blessed day!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

June 26th and 27th

June 26th, 08
Not much to say today. I worked out. Ate right! And worked today!

June 27th, 08
Today is Friday yay and I have another 3 days off I’m so excited! However when I woke up this morning I wasn’t feeling to well, but you know me I had to get my work out in. So had a good work out and a little later on ate lunch but then I became extremely tired but I knew I couldn’t eat then lay down so I did another full workout then took a nap. Well this nap became not a nap I was in bed for 4 hours. Before I knew it, it was 9p and when I woke up I was starving so I ate very little but it was really too late to be eating so I did another full workout so that way when I went to bed I would have already burned the calories from dinner and they wouldn’t just be sitting there becoming fat! Plus on the days I don’t work I like to do a lot of workouts if not I will get bored and end up eating instead. It was a good day even though I didn’t feel good. God is just so great and gives us the strength to do anything.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Been a few days....

June 19th-22nd
Well our camping trip was GREAT for the most part. The Lord blessed us with AWESOME weather even though it was suppose to rain the entire weekend. We went to the Big Ticket Festival on Friday which was Chris’ bday and we were so blessed in being there. It was a great day of praise! Then there was Saturday and we did some 4 wheelin which was tons of fun until I hear a siron behind me and its DNR…apparently I was off roading where I shouldn’t be and I got a ticket but not only that had to pay $100 bond to keep me from going to jail and my atv from being impounded. They actually held me there and my atv for over an hour….funny now…wasn’t funny then! I am proud of myself though because even though I was on vacation I got up before everyone else and worked out every day! Thank you God for an awesome weekend!

June 23rd, 08
Back to work….I feel yucky this week. When I look in the mirror I keep seeing the old me back when I first started and I feel like I look like I have lost no weight at all. I know weird right. I know I don’t look the same but for some reason just don’t feel that way this week. I have even been having dreams that when I wake up I will have gained all my weight back…craziness I know…but I will get past it! God is good!

June 24th, 08
Today I worked a double and didn’t get a chance to get a work out in however I went to Chicago for the day and went to the shedd aquarium, and navy pier. So I walked the entire day! It was a good day it was beautiful walking the pier and the aquarium was just great!

June 25th, 08
I can’t believe it is already the end of June! This year is flying by. Today was weigh day and it wasn’t what I hoped for but it was something. I lost 2 lbs…not enough but I will take it. I feel like I’m working so hard and wish the numbers of loss were bigger…but I also have to understand that now that I’m smaller the numbers each week will be smaller too! Its all good! God is good! I’m setting a goal of 4.5 lbs to lose this week!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Zero this week....

June 18th, 08
Weigh day….so I lost nothing this week! I’m bummed! But I kinda expected it because I figured that I have lost so much weight so far that soon my body was going to freak out and want to try to hold on to it. This is going to be hard to break through this point and keep dropping because I have never been less than what I am now. But I’m going to keep pushing until the weight falls! Well I better go get my workout in and then get packing for another camping trip we leave tomorrow morning yay! Thank you Lord for giving me the strength to push through and not give up even during the weeks that the scale doesn’t budge!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Catching up on entries...I'm a few days behind!

June 12th, 08
Today I am packing all morning(but I did get my workout in) and we are leaving for Flint tonight yay! See you on Monday!

June 13th-15th, 08
Well Friday I went back up to my old job and everyone was great. They were so excited to see me and the weight I had lost. The said I’m an inspiration to them. It was great. Then we went camping for the weekend. It was great fun! I did great with eating(you know when camping its easy to over eat and just snack, snack, snack but I didn’t I did really well! Thank you Lord for such a great weekend.

June 16th, 08
Well no work out today we drove home in the morning and then I had to get ready for work, then off to work I went so nothing really to say for today except for God is Good!

June 17th, 08
Getting back into the swing of things with my regular workouts(it was hard with camping I mean I was very active but didn’t have my set aside workout time). I’m hoping I lost weight this week…we shall see in the morning. For some reason every time we come back from a weekend away I either lost like a half pound or nothing which is super frustrating because I do so well while gone. But I guess nothing or a half pound is better than gaining any day. Chris seems to think I must retain water or something but whatever. We will see tomorrow. God please let me have lost at least a couple pounds this week!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I HIT MY first BIG GOAL...time to set a new one!!!!!!!

June 10th, 08
Only a couple more days till we go camping and I’m very excited! I’m still working out hard!!!! Tomorrow is weigh day and I’m looking forward to it.

June 11th, 08
So I weighed today and I lost 5 lbs which puts me past my one hundred pounds!!!! Can you believe it. I weigh 270! So I’m at a total of 102.8 so pretty much 103 lbs lost….unbelievable, but its true! No surgery….no pills….just a lot of God and fam and friends support, healthy eating and lots of exercise! So now its time for me to set up a new goal. This time I am going to set for 50 lbs so that will be around 220. Once I reach that I will set another 50 pound loss goal. But I don’t want to make the number huge so I’m going with 50 for this time. I have never been smaller than this outside of second grade…lol…but really I don’t know what weight is the right weight for me so I’m going to start breaking my goals down till I figure it out! Have a blessed day! Thank you God for helping me reach this goal that I didn’t think I would ever hit….you are so good!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

A great day....

June 9th, 08
I’m feeling great today! God is working on me BIG TIME! In so many ways. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically! He has put a fire back in me that I had lost. I got up bright and early this morning and got my workout in before my meeting at work at 9:30 which was great it left me so much more time to be able to just chill with my hubby and get some of Gods word in, which I had been just pushing off when I didn’t have time. I’m super excited because we are camping this weekend and I can’t wait its going to be great fun! I’m also super excited for weigh day coming up because I have been working so super hard this week to not only hit my 100lb mark but to pass it. We are going to Missouri July 23rd and I would like to lose 30 more pounds by then which I know is pushing it but I have to push myself I can’t just get compfy because of how much weight I have lost I have to push even harder! Well have a blessed day. And if you have any needs and want me to pray for them let me know on my blog I’m willing to pray and believe for whatever your need is! BE BLESSED!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

just a busy day....

June 8th, 08
Well it was another busy day as most Sundays that I work are. Got up, worked out, did church, had lunch, saw Mel’s baby at the hospital then went to work. It was a great day! God just thank you!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Some words of hope and encouragement....

June 7th, 08
Well yesterdays plans changed because my friend went into labor so the last half of the day I spent right here in front of the computer watching the revival in Florida. God is doing some amazing things! The time I spent here I prayed a lot, praised God and was given some wonderful verses of hope and encouragement. “If you abide in me and my words in you ask what you desire and it shall be done” John 15. Now here when God says ask what you desire and it shall be done he is not talking about a new car, but it could be to get your finances in order, or to be closer to him, or in my case a child, and many other things such as friends and family who don’t know Him to be saved, for God to use me, and for strength. Maybe you should write this verse down some where and behind it write down what you are believing for. A few more I got was “Wait patiently for the Lord. Be Brave and Courageous. Yes, Wait patiently for the Lord.” Psalms 27:14 and “The Lord gives his people strength. The Lord blesses them with peace.” Psalms 29:11 and “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart” Psalms 37:3-5. So just believe whatever your desire is that the Lord is going to grant it to you but in His timing not ours. Just because it doesn’t appear that he is answering our prayers at this moment doesn’t mean that he isn’t. remember God has the perfect timing for everything in our lives so just wait upon him! Have a blessed day! I’m gonna go get my workout in. See you tomorrow. God is good.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Giving it to God....

June 5th, 08
So today I’m feeling better than yesterday. God provided things yesterday just at the times I needed them from one person in particular that I would have never thought of and she didn‘t even know I was upset about anything, that is how I know Gods hand was in it and he was trying to tell me he is still there and listening. I know God is in control and he cares for me and is going to work everything out. I’m super excited about being so close to my 100lb goal. I know I’m going to hit it this week! I’m happy I have the day off tomorrow and I’m going to spend the first half with my amazing supportive hubby and the last half with a very good friend. God continue to be with me and helping me and THANK YOU! Please be with anyone who reads this and help them with whatever they are going through.

June 6th, 08
Today I have the day off…THANK GOD! This morning I had a good work out. And now I’m spending time with my hubby. This evening I’m going to hang out with a great friend who is overdue so I think we are going to try to walk that baby out. Thank you Lord for this day! I give it to you!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


June 4th, 08
So its weigh day and thank the Lord I actually lost 2 lbs. Now I’m 2.2 away from 100lbs! So I’m happy with that and thankful for it. I’m really down today though for multiple reasons. I have a situation at work that I’m dealing with that is just well….there are no words for it really. And then of course the fact that I really thought this month was the month for us to be pregnant. Then last night a friend(the person will remain unnamed) who is married and her and her husband live with her parents and have a baby who is 8 months old just emailed my husband to tell him that they were pregnant again but didn’t want to tell me because they didn’t want to upset me. First of all to think my husband would keep something from me is ridiculous. Second of all….oh never mind….-no judging tracy- no judging tracy- no judging! I have to go pray and work out because my mind is not right, right now. I’m so frustrated that I just don’t know what to do with myself. I still thank God for being who he is and I know everything will work out and I know one day we will be blessed with a child…I’m just wondering when….. And my frustrations well I know He has got it under control I just have to hand them over to Him instead of harboring them inside! God has brought me so far, He really has changed my heart and how I see things!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Feeling yucky and bummed....

June 3rd, 08
Its still really early and I haven’t done anything so far. I’m feeling yucky but still plan to exercise however its about that time again which means I can’t put too many hopes into tomorrows weigh day and I was really hoping to the 100lb mark to be hit but I can tell that is not going to happen. I just hope I’m not retaining water and that I don’t gain anything… that would seriously bumm me out. I’m also bummed that we are not pregnant this month…well I know its another month to knock 10 more pounds out but I can’t help it that I’m disappointed I’m sure that is partly why I also feel yucky. Well there is nothing I can do about it, it really is in Gods hands so that is where I have to leave it. Hope everyone has a blessed day. Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow…at least that I didn’t gain. I shouldn’t gain because I didn’t do anything that I shouldn’t and I have exercised every day but we all know what the beginning of period week is like! See you tomorrow. Have a blessed day!

Swimsuit shopping....

June 2nd 08
I had a good workout this morning but got tired pretty quickly, at least way sooner than usual. Then Chris and I walked to the store. We went to Fashion Bug because I wanted to look at swimsuits. Well I grabbed a 22 and for wishful thinking also grabbed a 20(it’s a tankini with a skirt bottom and obviously you can’t have it be too tight or the skirt wont look like a skirt). So I go into the changing room to try them on…and…what do you know the 20 fits. Yeah pretty ridiculous that I’m excited about getting into a 20 but I don’t care I am. You see last summer I went swimsuit shopping with my mom and I was trying on 28s and they did not even fit. The top would roll up over my fat self and the bottoms didn’t look like skirts so I refused to buy bigger than a 28 so I didn’t buy one and now this summer I put on a 20 with no rolling up and the skirt looks like a skirt I could hardly believe it. I’m so happy about that! So YAY!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Its summer...

May 31st, 08
Oh its so nice to have a weekend off and not have to go any where(especially with gas as expensive as it is!). It has been nice just working out. And spending time with my hubby and our dogs! I can’t believe that June is just one day away. Time is flying! Things are good. Workouts are still hard! But I’m loving living!

June 1st, 08
Its June! Its officially a summer month! I can’t believe it. I’m going to enjoy this summer so much more than last! With being almost 100lbs lighter this summer is going to be excellent! Have a blessed day!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Just being productive..

May 29th, 08
Well this will be short and sweet. I worked from 9am this morning till 10pm this evening. I had to drive one of my kids to battle creek. Needless to say I didn’t work out today, but I did stick to my healthy eating even with being on the road so YAY! I know I say this a lot but it can never be said too much! GOD IS GOOD!

May 30th, 08
Today is good! I get to spend it with my hubby! We started the day with a nice brisk 2 mile walk and we are going on it again this afternoon. We are shopping and cleaning etc. But its nice because I get to spend the day with my number one supporter(outside of God), which really isn’t completely outside of God because I know God uses Chris to keep me where I need to be! Anyways now I’m rambling! I’m going to go spend some time with my hubby! Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 25th- 28th

May 25th, 08
Well today was busy. Church, workout, then work! Not much time to do much of anything! Have a good one!

May 26th, 08
I am so proud of myself. I did 3.9 miles in 66 minutes! I’m am increasing my pace which is great! I have also been carrying my weights for 2 of the miles. I have been busting my but and I’m hoping for a weightloss of more than a half of a pound this week! God has been so great to me!

May 27th, 08
Well I worked till 2am last night and had a meeting at 11a this morning so needless to say my workout was not as long or intense as it has been but I still did work out. I walked 1.1 miles in 18 minutes with my weights and before I knew it it was time to get ready for work. Tomorrow is weigh day! That means pray pray pray =)

May 28th, 08
I had a great workout today. I did my 3.9 miles in 64 minutes and 28 seconds! I decreased my time! YAY! I also lost 4 pounds this week which puts me at 95.8 lbs lost. I now weigh 277! Thank you LORD for your goodness, your strength, your support!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Changing workout and training for 5k and 8k!

May 22nd, 08
I’m happy today is Thursday because that means I have tomorrow off of work. I have not been going to the gym much but still exercising starting to train for my 5k and 8k. I have been doing some power walking which is a major change from the elliptical, and uses completely different muscles. It feels great! Things are good!

May 23rd, 08
Today I didn’t do a how lot of anything. I was completely not motivated! I did no work out, and no house work. A whole lot of nothing. And I’m fine with it. I was just lazy and chilled all day. The only thing is that I’m disappointed in myself for eating a little too much. Sitting around doing nothing does cause boredom which in turn makes you eat more so no more of that mess!!! =) But I did get to spend the day with my amazing hubby which was just great!

May 24th, 08
I walked 3.4 miles today pretty briskly, this included a couple large hills which wore me out! I also carried a 3lb weight in each hand to add to the calorie burn and muscle build in my arms. It was tough and nice at the same time! God is so good and keeps giving me strength to make it through each work out! I must say thought that my arms are killing me now!!! =) Well time to have lunch and get ready for work. Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weigh day...I'm frustrated...what the crap happened!

May 21st, 08
I’m a bit confused today! I only lost .5 lbs. How in the world did that happen. With all the hiking. And I ate how I should. We didn’t even go out. I’m obviously frustrated but there is really nothing I can do about it at this point. Gosh! Well I guess I have to kick it into high gear this week and make up for this past one. But honestly I don’t know where I went wrong! God help me to push through this frustration and to have an awesome week! You are GOOD!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


May 20th, 08
Well its Tuesday and I am back into my routine of getting up, going to the gym, and then getting ready for my work day. Tomorrow is weigh day. I’m hoping its good. Although I feel like my muscles are all swollen from the 3 days of hiking. I am still trying to recover from the trip but also not wanting to fall back on the progress I have made so even though my body still aches exercise is not an option it HAS to happen! I did good today getting back into things. I’m praying for good numbers tomorrow….in the 270’s would be good! Lord thank you again for just being who you are!

What a great trip to Boyne Falls...hiking, hiking, hiking!

May 19th, 08
It was a great past few days. I hiked my butt off! First Thursday we arrived in Boyne falls and we had dinner and being that the shop was not open to provide us with a hiking map we decided to wing it. Well I climbed this mountain in the process and was super proud of myself for doing so. We eventually got lost on this trail that we made up but just turned around and headed back. We hiked for 2 and a half hours that day! I would have never been able to do that before! Then Friday we decided again to go hike we didn’t stop and get a map but we did find out where some actual hiking trails were so we winged it again and stumbled upon some maps on the trails. We hiked for 2 hours on this day. It was beautiful and tough! I loved it. Come Saturday my body was aching but I still wanted to challenge myself. We decided to take a path which happened to be the LONGEST path for hiking they had. Even with having a map we still got lost. It was crazy. We walked this for 3 and a half hours. Its amazing what your body will do when it has to! It started raining about the last 45 minutes of that hike but we just kept pushing through. My hubby was the fearless leader(after we got lost of course, I was the one who got us lost). Then mom, she must be the most in shape 50 year old I have ever met. She was incredible! What a great trip. I am so proud of me and us. It was just awesome. This vacation was definitely not relaxing by any means but it was just great! I felt productive. Where we stayed was wonderful. It had a full kitchen so we weren’t forced to go out to eat. We brought all of our food and cooked every meal. Gosh our lives have really changed. Thank you Lord for the change you have made in me and in us. You are sooo GOOD! Mom and I keep joking saying that when we weigh in on Wednesday we had better have lost like 20 lbs as much hiking as we did…lol.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lost 3 more pounds!

May 14th, 08
I lost 3 pounds! Yay! So now I’m at a total loss of 91.3 lbs lost. Just 8.7 till I hit 100 lbs! YAY YAY YAY! Well I’m going to be out of town for the next few days. Hopefully I will get a chance to update this but if not see you Monday! God is GOOD!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just a regular Monday and Tuesday...

May 12th 08
Well its Monday and I’m ready to get this week started. For one I want to hit my 90 lb mark this week and for 2 on Thursday we are going to Boyne falls for 4 days and I can’t wait! Things are going good. I’m still working out hard even when I don’t feel like it and eating right! God is awesome!

May 13th 08
Its Tuesday night and I’m so happy because I just have one more night of work and then we are heading north! I’m so excited! And I probably get to leave work early tomorrow evening so yay! Got lots of packing to do so tomorrow may be my off day for exercise but I’m going to try to at least get a good walk in. Tomorrow is weigh day too…I’m hoping I hit 90lbs this week and hopefully passed it that would be AWESOME! Well I’m super tired so I’m going to bed. God bless!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Its Mothers Day.....

May 11th, 08
Well the fruit thing is going good! Today is mothers day! Don’t know why but I’m super emotional today! Well I do know why but I don’t want to be sad today. And I don’t want to be like poor me. I don’t think that. But I am sad and I can’t get around that. I’m just trying to hold my head up and act like I’m not, which I think I’m doing a pretty good job of. One of my best friends had her baby today. I’m so happy for her, and sad for me at the same time. God has helped me keep it together today. I actually thought about not going to church because I figured the entire service was going to be mom, mom, mom, mom, mom….and so on. But God gave me peace about it this morning and gave me the urge to just go and He let me know that he would be there with me helping me through. Well I went to the service and it wasn’t that way at all. Gosh I wouldn’t even had known it was a mothers day service except for at the very end he said Happy Mothers Day. God is so good! He was so sensitive to what I needed today. And the message was great. Thank you Lord for this day and for being with me through everything. I will have faith no matter what my circumstances!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Life is good...God is GREAT!

May 8th, 08
I’m so excited that a week from today we will be in Boyne Falls! It is going to be so much fun! We are going hiking! Who would have thought that I would be excited about hiking….but I am! Today is going good. I’m ready for a day off work which will be tomorrow! Lord I give you this day!

May 9th, 08
I got to spend the whole day with my hubby! IT was nice. We did house and yard work and got a great workout in. I love these days! Except for I think I ate a little too much but I will work it off!

May 10th, 08
Today I decided to start a fruit flush. I will do it for 2-3 days. Excluding my regular morning breakfast of oatmeal and a whey protein shake. I think I need those because I work out right after I eat in the morning and I don’t want to feel weak. But I thought I would give myself a boost with an only fruit(outside of breakfast) for a few days. I’m afraid I’m going to hit a plateau soon and don’t want this to happen so I thought I would just try this! We will see. I read in a health magazine about another girl who did this every so often so I will let you know how it works out for me. Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Weigh was good!

May 7th, 08
Today is weigh day and YAY…I lost 3.5 lbs. I’m at a total loss of 88.3 lbs. Only 11.7 to go till I hit 100lbs….I can’t believe it. I’m so happy right now! Although I feel a little under the weather but besides that I’m SO SUPER HAPPY! God is so good and has been helping me through every step of the way…He has never left my side even in my down times, even when I feel He isn’t there He is! I finished reading the book “The Shack” Let me tell you this book is life changing you must read it…and whether you believe it or not…that is up to you…but I DO! One of the quotes that I got out of the book was…”Judging others means you consider yourself superior to them.” Now this doesn’t just mean judging their life style. Its judging anything about them. Clothes, hair, car, etc. When you do this you are putting yourself at a higher level then them. I know this has nothing to do with weightloss or anything but this quote really got to me and got me really thinking. Honestly I never though myself superior to anyone but I have judged on the things above so I guess I did….time for changing that!!!! Another quote that I received through an email yesterday was “life isn’t about the storm…its about learning to dance in the rain! Now isn’t that true! Wow. Well I need to get cleaning this house of mine! God Bless! Now my weight it 284.5 lbs…I’m hoping to hit my 90 lb mark by next Wednesday and hopefully surpass it!!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This has been a blessed week....God is good!

May 1st, 08
Going to Flint YAY! So I’m packing today! I have so much to get done today! Gotta get my house clean before I head out! This should be a great weekend and I’m praying for nice weather! We got a letter from Vitoria(a child we sponsor). It was the best letter yet! She is so sweet! She said she prays every night for us to have a baby. This brought tears to my eyes. It also boosted my faith. Because when I child asks for something they 100% believe that God is going to answer. This made me try to have more faith like a child, and not let my adult thoughts get in the way when I pray!

May 2nd, 08
Spent a lot of time at the camp ground today. Did my working out on the Elliptical and then just hung out by the water while Chris fished. Then came home and played cards with my parents. Of course mom was my partner and we beat the boys 2 games in a row! It was great fun!

May 3rd, 08
Hung out at the camp ground most of the day again. It was nice. Worked out for 100 minutes on the elliptical doing the weightloss course. Then came home and played cards with my parents again…it was a replay of last night the girls won again 2 games in a row. Then we watched Facing the Giants. I cannot believe that I have never seen this moving. It was GREAT! Very inspiring! I loved it! I also started reading a book called “The Shack” It is powerful. I never want to put it down till I’m finished.

May 4th, 08
Today was Elijah’s dedication! It was a great morning! We went to the dedication and then to dinner with the family. Although I did not eat while out because it was a Chinese buffet and it wasn’t worth the money for the amount of food I would eat plus Chinese has so much sodium so I thought it best to stay away from it today. Following this we went back out to the camp ground(we obviously love it out there). It was pretty great. We did a lot of walking and talking. Although I had a stomach bug most of the day and by night time I felt horrible. But God helped me through as always! God is Good!

May 5th, 08
Well we drove home this morning. Still feeling a little iffy but for the most part a lot better! We had a great weekend with pretty great weather(thank God). I am still reading “The Shack”. I must say that everyone should read this book! Things are good and its time to start the work week.

May 6th, 08
Tomorrow is weigh day! And I know already that its not going to be a big number like last week. I don’t expect it to be. But I have been working super hard so I’m hoping for 3 or more pounds which would be great. But I will take whatever the Lord will allow! God is good!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Today was weigh day! IT WAS A GOOD ONE!

April 30th, 08
I’m STOKED! I lost 9.2 lbs! Can you believe it! This definitely makes up for last week of losing none! YAY ME! Now I weigh 288! I just can’t believe it. If you would have told me last summer that this spring I would weigh under 300 lbs I would have asked you what magic pill your going to give me because I was not ready for the work this was going to take. But God put my mind in a different place and helped me to deal with my miscarriages in a healthy way rather than the way I was which was internalizing everything and EATING a whole lot and not caring about myself! I am just so excited. I know your thinking who is excited about weighing 288 that is ridiculous but if you have reached a low of hitting 372.8 lbs than you will appreciate being under 300 and down to what I am today! I am just so thankful to my family and friends who have supported me…I love you all! And God number one giving me the strength! I have so much more to go but I just wanted to take the time to say how truly blessed I am! YAY! Now I’m just 15.2 lbs away from my 100 lb short term goal mark! Then we will start working on the next 100lbs! Gosh I never thought I would be able to say I have lost this much weight without pills or surgery, just healthy eating, exercise, God and supportive family and friends! WOOHOOO for 288!

Feeling great....

April 29th, 08
K so I have been super busting my butt this week and I’m actually looking forward to tomorrows weigh in! Im praying for something big! I have been working out so much and eating everything is such little moderations! God has really helped me through!

Monday, April 28, 2008

I was behind a couple I'm now caught up!

April 17th, 08
Packing to go to Flint and I am so excited about it! Leaving tonight!

April 18th, 08
We are in Flint for the weekend celebrating my birthday and going to the “Laugh your way to a better marriage” conference. Today we spent time in the sun at the campground fishing and working out and just spent time together it was great!

April 19th, 08
This morning we went to the conference. After the conference we went back out to the camp ground and spent the day out there. Chris spent the day fishing and I did some too. I only caught one fish the entire time but that is okay the wait was worth it.

April 20th, 08
Its Sunday the day before my bday and we are going to the campground and having a cook out and spending the day out there. We went putt putt, fishing, and out on the paddle boats which was a work out. I got a crap load of sun and I’m loving it! YAY! What a great birthday weekend! I am so blessed. I even did good with what I ate I didn’t over eat although it was things that I don’t usually eat so I’m thinking the scale wont move much if at all this week!

April 21st, 08
Its my BIRTHDAY! But I have to work. Chris got me lunch today. And we drove home this morning. Gosh this weekend was so great. This is the best birthday I have had in a while! I love it! Thank you Lord!

April 22nd, 08
Well tomorrow is weigh day and I’m not looking forward to it because I didn’t over eat but just ate some things my body isn’t use to. It is okay though even if I don’t lose weight I wont be too upset about it this time. I will just work extra hard next week to get it off!

April 23rd, 08
So I predicted right, I did not lose weight. But like I said I am okay with it being it was my birthday week. I am going to bust my butt this week to get this fat off though.

April 24th, 08
My workout today was great. I just love working my butt off at the gym(literally). My workouts have been great. And my eating habits are so good now. God is just awesome.

April 25th, 08
Its Friday my day off! YAY! First I had a great workout. Then I went to lunch with Chels and to the huge farmers market in Elkhart. Then I cam home and got ready to go on my birthday date with my hubby! I spoiled myself and got ribs. But I got the small order and I actually split that dinner into 4 or 5 meals between the ribs and sweet potatoe I was set for meals throughout the next day which was nice. It was a great evening with my hubby!

April 26th, 08
Went to the gym with Chris which was great as usual. Great workout. I can’t wait for next weekend when we get to go to flint. I’m praying for nice weather so we can spend most of our time at the camp ground!

April 27th, 08
This weekend has been good! Busy with work but good. Getting all my workouts in and eating healthy. Although I have felt super hungry all weekend and feel like I have been eating non stop, but it seems to be working for me.

April 28th, 08
Monday morning! I just got back from a meeting at work. And now I’m gonna work out! I’m praying I hit my 80 lb mark this week. Which means I will have had to lose 4.4 lbs this week which I know is a stretch but I can do it especially since I didn’t lose anything last week I know I can pull this out….I have to! So time to go work out!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I lost some this week...YAY!

April 15th, 08
Not must to say today. I’m not looking forward to going to work but oh well. At least this week is my 3 day weekend which I cannot wait for! Tomorrow is weigh day and I’m praying it’s a good one!

April 16th, 08
Today I weighed and….I lost 3.6 lbs! I’m happy with that. Now I’m at a total loss of 75.2 lbs! God is soooo good! He has helped me through! No stopping here though must keep pushing on! Still a long way to go!

Monday, April 14, 2008

work work work....ugh!

April 14th, 08
I had 3 meetings at work today and 2 out of the 3 were not that great…but like I always say its just work. I mean I want to do my best, but I’m also not going to get upset over it either! Today was good. Had a good workout! Nervous about weigh day and praying I dropped below the 3s! Weigh day is coming soon!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


April 12th, 08
So I did it. I went back to the gym again last night and it was great. This time I did 90 minutes on the elliptical. Which put me at a total of 3 hours and 20 minutes of cardio…woohoo…who would have thought it! Today we didn’t go to the gym but I did do the biggest loser workout which is a killer every time! Well gotta go to work! God bless

April 13th, 08
Today we went to the gym and I got 80 minutes of cardio in on the elliptical. Then we came home had lunch and then I headed out the door to work. I just got home and I’m super tired so I’m going to bed! GOODNIGHT!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Killing it at the gym...who would have thought I would LOVE going to the gym this much!

April 11th, 08
Last night I worked with this woman who told me and I am her inspiration. That made me feel so good and just boosted me on this long journey I’m on! It was great. Today I killed it again at the gym. I spent 80 minutes on the elliptical and 30 on the bike. It was awesome! I felt so good about myself and the fact that I can do the elliptical for so long! It was just amazing! God has just been great to me! All is great! I’m actually thinking I’m getting ready to head out to the gym again and get a good swim in and stuff! Who would have thought I would WANT to go work out and 2 times in a day!

Working out a lot...

April 10th ,08
Today I worked out hard again at the gym. I’m hoping that it really pays off come weigh day! I want to drop below that freaking 300 lb mark but it just keeps staying there in my face but it is about to go away this week!!! Well gotta go to work! God Bless!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Trying to get over it....

April 8th, 08
I have been working out so much lately and kicking butt. I’m trying to forget about the past 2 days and move on. God is good! Tomorrow is weigh day!

April 9th, 08
Well I only lost a pound this week. I’m bummed about it but okay with it. I will just continue working my butt off! I spent 60 minutes on the elliptical today and I use to only be able to do 2 minutes talk about a huge improvement. I am proud of me.

Another Rough day....

April 7th, 08
I worked a double today and I expected the day to be wonderful but a huge damper was put on it. Today I took my boys that I work with to the museum in Chicago. Well they have everything in this museum its pretty great until….they have this section about prenatal stuff. And that have actual babies there that are kept intact by some fluid that’s in the jars that they are in. These babies were all alive at one time and now they are on display at a freaking museum. I got to see exactly what stage each of my babies were and what they looked like at the time I miscarried. There was also a set of twin girls there, and I can’t get that image out of my mind. What the heck is wrong with this world. I was so disturbed by this….I had remove myself from the group for a bit I couldn’t keep it together…and I have been so good at it but this I couldn’t. I was sickened for the day. I will never go to this museum again….I just don’t understand….

Rough day

April 6th, 08
Today was happy and tough for me at the same time. I went to one of my best friends baby shower. it’s the first one that I have been to since miscarrying. I have some how avoided every baby shower until now. And I just could not miss this one. And what was I suppose to say I lost 2 babies over a year ago and I can’t come to your shower…yeah right. Talk about having a poker face. I’m pretty sure I covered up my true feelings quite well. I mean don’t get me wrong I was super happy for her…I love her and this baby and she deserves to be a mom. It had really nothing to do with that. And it wasn’t like I was feeling sorry for myself either. I guess I really don’t know how to put my feelings into words except for maybe heart break. But I just have to suck it up. It is what it is. Lord thank you for helping me keep it together today!

short entries...

April 3rd, 08
Today I went to the gym with my hubby and then went to work. Not much interesting. Still doing good with the food! Thank you Lord!

April 4th, 08
Today I didn’t get a chance to go to the gym with Chris because I had to pack for Flint. I’m leaving when he leaves for work. I will be in Flint till Sunday night and I have lots to do so I must get off of here.

April 5th, 08
Well even though I didn’t get to the gym yesterday I still worked out last night. Went on a long walk with mom and also rode my new bike which was a super work out! It was very hard! It is going to take a while to build up my endurance on it but it is going to happen!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

WEIGH DAY!!!! Had to make up for no weight lost last week and I did!

April 2nd, 08
Its morning time and I just weighed and…….I lost 6 lbs WOOHOOOOO!!!!! YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY! I’m super excited about that! This puts me at a total of 70.4 lbs lost. I’m so happy! God you are so good…thank you for getting me here and for continuing to give me strength!

Can't believe its already April!

March 30th, 08
Well its Sunday and I feel like we got a lot done. We got up early enough to listen to the entire church service online and make it to the gym and get a full workout in. However today at the gym I don’t know if I pushed it too hard or what but I was on the verge of passing out. And also felt some horrible pain in my upper belly which I thought was possibly a hernia. Thank God the pain ended up going away and finally felt able to walk around….also thank God Chris was there! God is good and his protection is amazing!

March 31st, 08
Today I had a meeting at work and I planned on going to the gym but after the meeting I got really light headed again and started sweating(almost like an anxiety attack without the anxiety because I wasn’t upset). It was really weird. I was going to go to the gym anyways but Chris wouldn’t have been there if something happened so I skipped it on that day. Its okay I will make up for it. I have learned that I don’t have to go every single day and taking a day off here and there is fine as long as it doesn’t become multiple days off but you should have at least one day off per week.

April 1st, 08
Today is April fools…but no one played an april fools joke on me today which is good! Things are good. My workout today was really good! Tomorrow is weigh day…and I’m super praying for something great because I lost nothing last week so I need to make up for that. Have a great day and be blessed!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Getting back on track with my devotions!

March 29th 08
Today is Saturday! Now I have to work 6 days straight but then I get to go to Flint for 2 and a half days! Just gotta make it through the week. I don’t want the week to go by too fast though because that just means that my weekend will go by that much faster! Today has been pretty good. I got a chance to catch up on my devotionals which I have been putting off…which is horrible on my part. Got my priorities mixed up again and need to get that in ORDER! God has been so good to me! His love is never ending…yet I still don’t make my devotion time the biggest priority of the day…but I’m trying to get that completely on track! Well have a good day! God Bless!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Catching up...missed a few days of posting!

A great quote I saw on a billboard…. “A set back will not set me back…DETERMINED!”

March 15th, 08
Well just to let you know I completed the 3.3 miles last night and I’m so proud of myself! I’m just so happy about it! YAY! I’m working 12 hours today so I have got to get going! God is GOOD!

March 16th, 08
I just got home from another 12 hour shift, but today I walked close to 4 miles if not over with my boys today it was great! I’m feeling so good that I can do this and keep up…last year I would have never been able to do it! YAY! I’m going to bed now…goodnight!

March 17th, 08
Its St. Patricks day which really means nothing to me. Today is good I worked about 10 hours today which is better than 12 but I have a 16 hour shift tomorrow which sucks because I won’t make it to them gym, but the $$$ will be great! Have a blessed day!

March 18th, 08
All I did today was work. Tomorrow is weigh day and I’m praying I lost something!

March 19th, 08
Woohooo…. I lost 3.4 lbs which puts me at 64.4 lbs total YAY! I’m so super happy! Well I have lots of packing to do, we are going to Flint tomorrow night after work yay!

March 20th, 08
So I was on my way to the gym when my eyes started burning so bad that I couldn’t even keep them open. Which sucked because I had to come home. But I ended up getting to finish packing before tonight so it worked out…all except for the workout itself which sucks! I’m so excited though that we are going to Flint tonight YAY!

March 21st, 08
So we drove to Flint last night. YAY we are here so this weekend is going to be spent mostly with mom and dad so I will see you on Monday!

March 24th, 07
This weekend was great. I ate healthy, although I didn’t get my workouts in but other than that it was awesome to spend the time with family and friends. I’m bummed that it is Monday and I have to get back to work. Oh well I will be going to back Flint in a couple weeks so its all good. God is good.

March 25th, 08
Today is my moms birthday and I wish I was in Flint to celebrate it with her but gotta work and that’s life. I’m really worried about weighing this week I’m nervous that I possibly gained even though I didn’t over eat. But Tuesdays are my panic days so lets cross our fingers for something good.

March 26th, 08
I’m totally bummed out. I didn’t gain but I didn’t lose either. I hate when I feel like a week has been wasted. But I just have to move on. Like that quote “ a set back will not set me back” determination! That is how I have to look at it. And I just have to work harder!

March 27th, 08
Well this work week has been super stressful and unfortunately Chris has had to put up with me and all my grumpiness. But I will get over it and past it. I’m so glad I have gotten back to regular workouts since last week I was sooooo off. God is good! I’m really trying to make up for not losing weight last week. I’m hoping for 6 lbs which I know is a lot but I also think it is doable! So I’m busting my butt for it. And praying for it at the same time!

March 28th, 08
Today I weighed when I woke up because I was still a little disturbed about not losing this week and I have lost 2.6 lbs so far since Wednesday YAY! Which puts me at a total of 67 lbs! I’m hoping and praying that I reach the 70 lb mark by next Wednesday! I know it can happen Lord willing….and when I hit the 73 lb mark I will be down into the 2’s which most people wouldn’t rejoice about but I’m going to!!!!! Its been hard work! God has been so good to me helping me through!

Friday, March 14, 2008


So I just actually did my 3.3 mile course. I'm so proud of myself right now! I could have never done that before! YAY!

The weather is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm loving it!

March 13th, 08
Well the weather is great praise God. I didn’t go to the gym today but I did do the biggest loser work out and it was a killer but I loved it. Things are going great. Chris is sick though…I’m hoping he gets better soon! God Bless!

March 14th, 08
Its FRIDAY which means it is my day off of work so YAY! I’m so super happy about that. I went shopping this morning for a few things then came home and cooked then cleaned out the garage all by myself(Chris is sick). I didn’t get tired at all and I know before I started working out there is no way I could have done it without taking a break! Then I cleaned the cars out…all they need now is washed the insides look great and the outsides look horrible…lol. Today I also got in my car and tracked a 3.3 mile course around and through my neighborhood. I really wanted to just do 3 miles and then Chris told me a 5K was 3.2 miles and I had already started the course over once and I didn’t want to recalculate again just for a tenth of a mile besides more is better than less right so I’m so excited to go and do this 3.3 miles I know I can do it and eventually I will be running it…not any time soon…but eventually I will I have faith in God and myself that it will happen. Well its too nice outside to be in here on this computer so have a blessed day!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wow I was further behind in keeping this updated than I thought...

February 28th, 08
Staying on track. Working out. Can’t wait to have tomorrow off of work!

February 29th, 08
Today we went to a surprise birthday party for one of our friends. His wife is currently pregnant and she has really popped out there. We haven’t seen them in quite some time and it was really kind of hard to see them, I know it just has to be the pregnancy thing which I don’t know why I feel that way…I mean I do but I don’t want to feel that way. I’m totally happy for them I really am, it just must be satan trying to get me down. But anyways we went to dinner and I did really good I stayed away from the basket of tortilla chips and just ate part of my salad. I was super happy about that!

March 1st, 08
Well today I had to go into work at 6am due to someone calling off which made for a long day and no work out…I was mostly bummed that I didn’t get to spend the morning with my hubby and go to the gym. I’m super tired so I’m going to bed.

March 2nd, 08
Today I also worked 12 hours….because of another call off….ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME! We have had 4 call offs in the past 2 days it is ridiculous. However I did get to go to the gym today which I was super happy about. I worked out super hard…but I think I did something wrong because my back is not feeling too hot.

March 3rd, 08
Well one of my favorite kids was discharged from our facility today. I was so happy for him but so sad to see him leave, I pray that God will be with him. Today my back is in bad shape. I went to pick up a laundry basket and couldn’t do it. Then when I went to stand up I fell over in tears. It was awful, but I went to work on some pain meds because I knew there was no way I was calling off after this weekend of call offs and chances were that there would be another call off tonight…and I was right someone else did call off but I did not stay over my back was too jacked up.

March 4th, 08
Went to the doc today about my back and got some muscle relaxers. My back was starting to feel better on its own but you never know when that could happen again. Things are good. Tomorrow is weigh day, but also that time of the month day so I’m not expecting the scales to say much.

March 5th, 08
Well I weighed today and lost another 2.2 lbs….which is good…I will take it! Thank you Lord for continuing to be with me and helping me to continually lose weight. You are amazing Lord!

March 6th, 08
Well I didn’t get to work out today. I worked a double from 6a-10p so I was wore out! Not much to say today but mom is coming to visit tomorrow I am so excited!

March 7th, 08
Mom is here and will be here until Sunday evening so I won’t be typing too much. I’m just so happy she is here. YAY!

March 8th, 08
So I took mom to my gym today and we went to Zumba class which was ridiculously FUN! I loved it! I’m going to be doing that again! It was great! We had a great day! God is Good!

March 9th, 08
I’m bummed mom went home. We had so much fun. I am praying for the day that we will live closer and wont have to say goodbye for weeks at a time! But I am thankful that she got to come down. I’m doing good on my eating and exercising! Not much to say but have a good day!

March 10th, 08
I love getting to go to the gym with my hubby, it is so much fun! He is great and always lets me know how proud he is of me! I’m hoping to hit my 60 lb mark this week I know its kind of asking a lot but not really I only have to lose 3 lbs to hit it so lets make it happen!!! =)

March 11th, 08
Well I’m working another 12 hour day, but I did get up and work out! Tomorrow I probably wont since I’m getting home after 2am but I will try to do something tomorrow. And tomorrow is weigh day! Lord I pray that I have lost!

March 12th, 08
YAY I hit my 60 lb mark and went over a little bit. I lost 3.8 lbs which puts me at about 61 lbs YAY YAY YAY! Thank you Jesus!!! God is so good!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Been a few days since I posted on here...sorry...but now I'm caught up!

February 24th, 08
Today I am TIRED! Chris and I did go work out and met with Lori about the nutrition stuff. I think that she thinks I’m right on with my foods for the most part but she wants Chris to change his. Things are good. I think I’m going to bed extra early tonight! God is good!

February 25th, 08
Chris and I went to the gym as usual. But Chris went to Pinnacle and I went to Fitness since I had a meeting today…that is how Mondays usually are. I am nervous about my weigh in this week because I just don’t feel great this week. I’m not sure why I have been busting my butt in the gym and haven’t over ate but Lori said its normal when starting to really use weights to not lose much right away and said that muscle holds more water than fat does…which I had no clue about that one! See you tomorrow!

February 26th, 08
Well I had to work till 2 am last night which wasn’t bad no big deal and its OT so whatever! It really threw me off though eating schedule wise…I was starving but knew I shouldn’t eat because of how late it was. I ended up eating a grapefruit just to kinda hold myself over till I went home and got in bed. Tomorrow is weigh day…I’m still hoping for the 55 lb mark but still nervous to weigh….Lord help me! P.S Lori(our trainer) says people should not rely on the numbers on the scale but in other things about how they feel and how their clothes are fitting better and such, I still don’t think I can get past the numbers on the scale at this point though….yes I am obsessed with it!)

February 27th, 08
So today I weighed and…..I lost 2.2 lbs this week…I was hoping for more but I will take the 2.2 because I really didn’t think I lost anything at all. And I pretty much hit my 55lb goal….if we want to be exact I’m at 54.8 lbs lost! So I pretty much hit my goal this week! Thank you Lord! Well have a great day and I will see you tomorrow!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Life is good....

February 21st, 08
Today Chris had his physical agility exam for the fire department and he passed with flying colors. I am so proud of him. He is so great! I hope he feels that I have been the support that he has been to me through this weight loss journey I’m on. Working out together has just been so great. Today I worked out alone since he had this exam and I worked out hard…it took me an hour and half just to complete my weights. Then I spent an hour on cardio. I’m not complaining it hurts but I love it. Life is good…God is good!

February 22nd, 08
Tonight is girls night out. One of my friends is going through a divorce and so we decided that we need to go out and get her mind off of things. So tonight that is exactly what we are going to do. But for the day Chris and I are going to go work out. Then we are going to lunch. Then I think I’m taking a nap to prepare for the night…I’m the driver as usual being that I don’t drink! See you tomorrow.

February 23rd, 08
Last night was so much fun….I danced for about 3 and a half hours straight….what a freaking workout. It was great fun. Plus I got to see one of my favorite people while we were out I haven’t seen her in over a year so it was really just great! We had a good clean night of fun! I got home a little after 4a and got to bed a little after 5a….so needless to say I didn’t get up until 12:30p and I could have slept a lot longer. My plan is to clean the house but I’m thinking about crashing again I am wore out! I’m not making it to the gym today but I’m still going to workout with one or two of my videos. Thank you Lord for the great evening out and for being with me. Even though I went out all night I didn’t make bad choices when it comes to food…and my drink of choice was water so I should still be on track this week. I hope I hit 55lbs by Wednesday!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


February 20th, 08
So today was weigh day and……I not only hit my 50 lb mark I went past it! I lost 5 lbs and Now I’m at 52.6 lbs! YES! I’m a little over a 4th of the way to my ultimate goal and over half way to my short term goal! This is FREAKING GREAT! I feel awesome about myself! My hubby is so proud of me! This is just wonderful! Thank you Lord for this! Next weeks goal is to hit 55! So 2.4 lbs I CAN DO IT! Thanks for all your support! Tracy is LOVING LIVING!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our 3 year anniversary weekend was AWESOME!(hope I didn't gain any weight...I'll find out tomorrow)

February 13th, 08
I can’t wait for this weekend. Chris and I are going to Lapeer to celebrate our anniversary it is going to be great. I need some time away from everything!

February 14th, 08
Well its Valentine’s day. We don’t do much since our anniversary is just 4 days later we count our anniversary and valentines together. I have been working out lots and hard. I know this weekend we will be going out a lot so I’m praying that I don’t gain anything!

February 15th, 08
YAY we are going away for the weekend I’m skipping a few days so see you Monday!

February 18th, 08
Today is our 3 year anniversary! What an amazing 3 years it has been. My hubby is the best! I love him so much! We had a great weekend! The only day that I ate bad was Friday but other than that I did pretty good! I’m hoping the scale thinks I did good too. I missed 2 days of working out but did work out a lot yesterday so I hope that helped out! God is good…thank you Lord for these past 3 years and the years to come!

February 19th, 08
I got a workout routine made for me by my trainer Lori at the gym! She is awesome! We love her! Chris is working out with me too. Its just great to have this to do together! God is so good! Tomorrow is weigh day! Lord let me hit the 50lb mark this week…AMEN!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


February 11th, 08
Well I got up at 6a and went to the gym. It was great I rode the bike for 55 minutes and then swam laps for 20 minutes. It was just refreshing and felt great! Today is good…God is good!

February 12th, 08
Today I had to get up close to 5a so that we could get across town to the gym by 6a for an appt with a trainer. It was great! We loved her! We were at the gym for 3 hours it was AWESOME! Who ever thought that I would be so thrilled with that length of time spent at the gym but I am. Today went well. This evening I received a call telling me that we would probably not be getting the baby due to many reason none doing with us and all being with the SYSTEM! Which I thought I was going to have a very hard time with but I’m not. God is helping me so much and he prepared me for this. Things are great and I only want Gods will and if this isn’t Gods will then its not. I know regardless Gods hand is in it and we will have a baby one of these days. God is good and keeps his promises! Tomorrow is weigh day…I’m nervous! Lord thank you for everything.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

3 day weekend...hard to stay motivated and on track!

February 8th, 08
I got to spend the whole day with my hubby YAY! Even my work out. Today he decided to join a gym and it is cheaper for the both of us to join than it is for just him because of this deal I have through work….so I’m so excited that we are going to get to work out together now! Makes me want to step up my game even more! This was something so great for us to do together. It was wonderful! And it’s a great gym. We love it! Today has just been wonderful. I’m so blessed to have this amazing man in my life!

February 9th, 08
Today I spent the entire day cleaning out closets and I’m still not done. I did not get a workout in due to all the cleaning. I should have but I didn’t. I didn’t eat the greatest today either. I didn’t really over eat I just didn’t eat the healthiest that I should have. Well tomorrow will be another full day of cleaning I didn’t even get half of the house done but its coming along. Lord thank you for this day! I give everything to you!

February 10th, 08
Today has been another day entirely devoted to cleaning. It is a little after 8p and I do plan on working out today regardless of how much cleaning I do…it has to get done. Chris and I are going to the gym super early in the morning and then we have a training session on Tuesday morning at 6a. Should be exciting! Thank you Lord for all your blessings! Please keep me motivated I feel I’m losing it a little bit!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Short journaling days....not too much to say right now...just keep on keeping on!

February 5th, 08
Slept in today because I am working 12 hours, but I did get up in time to work out before going to work. Things are good. Trying to not be anxious or impatient on hearing things back about Ada. Still praying! Lord I give you this day.

February 6th, 08
Not much to put today…today was weigh day and I’m at 46lbs. I plan to hit 50 by next Wednesday…I know I can!

February 7th, 08
Today is going good. Just feeling tired(its that time). I have a TCI training today which is pretty physical so I may skip out on my exercise this morning because I know what is to come. Lord your Good….help me to keep my head up, and know that you are in control!

Monday, February 4, 2008

over things at work....

February 4th, 08
Well I went in to work for a meeting today and it SUCKED. It was basically about how much my shift sucks and so on. When the boss asked me what I thought I really didn’t have a response. I felt completely BLAH about the situation. I didn’t care really…I mean I don’t want to put it that way because I do care about my work performance and things of that nature but I just took the feedback…if that is what you want to call it and was like alright and lets move on. No biggie! Which is crazy because I use to get so wrapped up in things like that but now that Im older I’m thinking whatever. I can only do what I can do and that is it…and if you don’t like it….ship me out. But anyways back to life for real and not work. I’m doing okay. Feeling kinda crappy but doing good. Gotta get ready for work now. God help me to not grow bitter with work, help me stay focused on the important things…thank you!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Busy few days....

January 31st, 08
Too much to do today. But I am excited I weighed this morning and now I’m at 44.8 lbs lost! YAY! I am going up to Flint this afternoon and I have to go to work right now. So I won’t have much to say for the next couple days! God is good…be blessed!

February 1, 08
So I’m in Flint and I surprised Bill and Pam last night which was GREAT! I have been crazy busy so it has been hard to eat every couple hours like I should but I’m being sure not to sit and just kill a huge meal. Things are going good. I have been getting recommendation letters and they are great. I’m so very appreciative for them. God is good ALL the time! I’m going home first thing in the morning =(

February 2nd, 08
Well last night was good I got to talk to Jenny who has the connection with this lady who cares for Ada at this time. She read our letters and said she was taking them over to her ASAP. Things look good…just got a lot of red tape stuff to get through. God is in control is all I know. Now all we can do is sit and wait and most importantly PRAY! If your reading this please pray for us as well and this precious little girl. Driving home this morning was horrible…that roads were bad, but once I got past lansing it was pretty smooth sailing. Lord continue to be with me and help me through! In your NAME AMEN!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hoping for the best...which is Gods will...

January 30th, 08
Today was weigh day and in the past week I have lost 3.2 lbs which puts me at 43! YAY! Very exciting! Today I worked pretty much a double. But I did get up and work out this morning! Also today I asked a couple people close to me to write recommendation letters and when reading them…well I feel awesome about Chris and I and how people preceive us! We are so truly blessed! God is so good to us! I would like to lose 5 pounds between now and next week…I know that is really just reaching for the skies but it could happen!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Needing God's Guidance, praying for His will. Knowing reality could be we don't get her, but another part of the reality being what if we did!

January 29th, 08
So today I weighed and I’m back down to what I was…what a relief, THANK GOD. So I have so much on my mind right now. I’m praying for Gods direction with this and praying that his will be done. Its in regards to a little girl needing a home. Chris and I didn’t even have to talk about it we want to be this little girls parents. There are so many mountains to climb with this. I just pray that God makes everything smooth and that whatever plans he has for this little girl happen for her. God is good regardless of what happens! Lord please be with us during this time, and please do not let us get so emotionally wrapped up in the situation that we lose focus of you! Guide us and direct our steps in your name I pray…AMEN!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Completely bummed out!

January 28th, 08
Well its early on Monday morning and I am bummed. I gained a bit of weight this weekend. Too much going out and stuff. And no it wasn’t worth it….do you have any idea the work that will go into getting it off, and when I already had it off….I’m really sad about it. I’m thinking its mostly water because I ate some sodium filled foods(that’s not happening again I don’t care how much I like it). Well the Lord will be with me with getting it off…I doubt I’m going to really lose this week though because now I have to work on getting back to what I already had…gosh this upsets me…really really does! =( Lord be with me!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

This weekend....

January 25th, 08
Today we are in Flint. We spent some time with our godson. We went to lunch with Sean and Alexis for her bday. Then we headed to snow fest and walked around and took some pics. Then the boys hit the casino and the girls watched a movie. It was a great and busy day. Today was the first day in 23 days that I didn’t do a workout video. Chels told him you should not work out more than 6 days in a row and that your body needs a day of rest…I didn’t want to do it, but I did. I just know if I miss one day, one day becomes two days and two become three and so on. But today was good!

January 26th, 08
Well went to lunch with dad today. Then went to spend time with our godson again and his parents which we love. Played some games. Went home and cooked a big dinner for dad, alexis, sean, krysta and her kids for krystas bday. This was a great time. Then played some games. We are leaving in the morning, which is a bummer. We didn’t get to spend much time with mom and dad this time…that will be what we need to do next time, my parents are the best. They put up with all these peeps in there house over this weekend. I love them…I‘m so blessed. God is good!

January 27th, 08
Drove back to the bend today from Flint. Gosh I hate leaving everyone at home. And Chris keeps talking about Missouri. I will have to do some serious praying about this but I just don’t want to go there unless my parents are coming too. I don’t want to live more than 3 hours away from them…shoot I don’t want to live more than 30 minutes away, so unless God tells me to…I’m not gonna. Today I feel like just sleeping sleeping sleeping. But I’m not going to, I did work out yesterday, and today. Feeling good. But also feel like I ate a little too much this weekend, and I’m praying that I still lose weight. I don’t want a wasted week. I’m missing everyone at home. Missing my hubby because he is working. Guess I will go clean so that I don’t eat! God thank you for this weekend. Thank you for the time spent with family and friends. You know the desires of my heart I don’t even have to ask, you already know what I want and need. You are amazing. And I pray that I have lost weight this week. In your name amen!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bob said....

"Life is like a marathon, its not about your destination, its about your journey."


January 24th, 08
Good morning and YAY YAY YAY YAY! I am so super excited. I hit my 40lb mark today and passed it actually. I am at 41.4 lbs lost. I have lost 6 lbs in the past 8 days…I’m so happy right now with myself and thankful to God. Thank you to everyone who supports me I love you all! Next goal is 50 lbs! I’m hoping to hit that in 2 weeks! I’m also super excited because we are going to Flint this weekend to see a couple friends and go to snow fest in Frankenmuth! I have lots of packing to do and still need to get my work out in. Have a great day! God is GOOD!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Its Wednesday which means....weigh day!

January 23rd, 08
Well I just got up a bit ago and I’m excited to say that this week I lost a total of 4.2 lbs! I’m so excited. My goal was to lose 4.8 which would have put me right at my 40 lb goal for this week, but I will take the 4.2 gladly! YAY I’m so happy about it. I busted my butt this week and the past few weeks and its paying off. Thank you Lord for being with me and giving me the strength to do this. Please continue to be with me and whoever may read this. Well have a great day! Remember God is GOOD!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Today is good....

Journal January 22nd, 08
Today is going good....this morning I weighed myself even though it isn't weigh day to see where I am at with hitting this 40lb mark this week...and great news I'm at 39lbs exactly so if I can pull out one more pound between today and tomorrow it will be right on...and would be freaking awesome! Like I said before yesterday was an emotional day and on top of that a friend of mine sent me a text message yesterday stating that she was having a girl....of all days right....oh well...I'm happy for her I really am, just still scarred. Todays devotional was sooooo good though! I know God was talking to me through it. I can't remember the scripture right now. But it talked about how God blesses us with children, and blessed is the one who has many...something along those lines. God knew I needed to hear that today. I still trust and believe he has everything under control. God is good....lets pray I drop that extra pound by tomorrow...I have lost a total of 3 lbs so far this week though so far which is yay...see you blessed!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Emotional day...Journal January 21, 08

January 21st, 08
Well today God is helping me through. Today is exactly a year since we lost our last baby. Wow. A million emotions right now…one is this year has flown by with lots of ups and downs. Also I’m thinking we have went a year without getting pregnant and I know what you saying everything is in Gods timing and your right and I totally know that…but that doesn’t keep me from thinking gosh its been a year you know. I haven’t really took the time to stop and think about today till just now I have kept myself busy with working out and reading the bible and getting ready for work that I just think I tried to eliminate this day from my mind…but how can I one of my Best friends birthdays is today…and weird how on the anniversary of losing the other baby its another one of my dearest friends bdays. Something else that is hard is where do I go to mourn…its hard to explain. I know you can go to mourn any where…I’m mourning right now. But where do you go I guess maybe to remember….I mean for people who were actually born into this world you can go to the cemetery, or to the place their ashes were spread. But where do I go. I guess I go to the Lord and ask for peace and comfort. Sometimes I think it takes talking to yourself to realize these things. Well I’m heading off to work. I’m still striving for that 40 lb mark this week I know its going to be tough but I’m really praying I hit it. Thank you Lord for this day and for your blessings! I know you will continue to be with me and with anyone who happens to read this!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Journaling 17th-20th, 08

January 17th, 08
So I stuck to my new plan yesterday with the whole not eating a “meal” meal after 9p. When I got home I had one scoop of low fat cottage cheese along with an apple. I’m sure this is just the boost I need for more fat burning. Everything is great…I have been cooking healthy food and it just feels really good. Amazingly I have grown to love the taste of healthy food….you don’t need to add all that extra crap to a meal to make it taste good…it already tastes good on its own really when you add so much to it your not even tasting the food you made. I am so proud of myself right now…if you know me…you know how far I have come compared to just 3 months ago. God is so good! I know he is going to continue seeing me through! He has placed amazing people in my life to encourage and support me and cheer me on in this time. Thank you Lord for everything! You are good!

January 18th, 08
Last night I spoke to Chels about calorie intake and she said there is no way that I am eating enough and that when you do that it slows down your metabolism into a starvation mode and you lose less weight. In my mind I’m thinking how can you eat too little and lose less weight. She emailed me and told me I only eat about 1300 calories a day and I should be having at least 1800. And then today I was reading the eat clean diet book and in there it says the exact same thing. Chels is so smart(not that I didn’t believe her in the first place). So now I’m having a bigger breakfast but everything else will stay the same except for I might add more fruit here and there. So now instead of just having my protein shake for breakfast I will have oatmeal along with it. The book says you should start your day with oatmeal everyday and a protein and she says either 4 or 5 egg whites or whey protein shake…which I already do the whey protein shake so just gotta add the oatmeal. Things are going good. I did weigh myself…I have only lost a pound so far…I know I’m not suppose to weigh until Wednesday…but I want to be sure to hit my 40lbs total weight loss by this week so I’m keeping a close eye on it. Thank you Lord for the strength and encouragement you give me.

January 19th, 08
So the scale didn’t budge from yesterday to today. Bummer. Oh well…can’t do anything about it except keep pushing forward to my 40lb goal for now. Lord help me get there this week in your name! Well gotta go work out. I added the oatmeal to my breakfast today, lets hope this helps in keeping my metabolism running good and strong and burning fat all day long! Lord I give you this day!

January 20th, 08
Today Chris went to work early…my hard working hubby…he is so great! And I hit the workouts. I counted up and today is the 17th day in a row that I have worked out without skipping! Isn’t that great! I’m so proud of myself…I should be burning some serious calories right?! So today I weighed and I lost a pound between yesterday morning and this morning yay…so I think I just need 3 more by Wednesday…yes I know Wednesday is only 3 days away but with God on my side it can happen and I’m claiming that it is going to…I am going to hit my 40lb this week(by weigh day) in Jesus name! Lord help me get there! I feel great about myself…a little sore which is AWESOME! God has been giving me the strength to get through my workouts and its great! I was talking to Chris the other day and I told him the only thing that I am missing by not going to the gym is the bike. And he said that a lady at his work is possibly trying to sell hers…he is going to look into it. I hope and pray that it’s a good one and that it’s a good price! Thank you lord for everything. Help my hubby stay alert and get through this day! You are amazing God!