Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Needing God's Guidance, praying for His will. Knowing reality could be we don't get her, but another part of the reality being what if we did!

January 29th, 08
So today I weighed and I’m back down to what I was…what a relief, THANK GOD. So I have so much on my mind right now. I’m praying for Gods direction with this and praying that his will be done. Its in regards to a little girl needing a home. Chris and I didn’t even have to talk about it we want to be this little girls parents. There are so many mountains to climb with this. I just pray that God makes everything smooth and that whatever plans he has for this little girl happen for her. God is good regardless of what happens! Lord please be with us during this time, and please do not let us get so emotionally wrapped up in the situation that we lose focus of you! Guide us and direct our steps in your name I pray…AMEN!

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juniper said...

i have a old friend who could not get pregnant for nothing. she tried and tried and tried. a little girl came along who needed a home. her husband and herself adopted her and right after the adoption she got pregnant. she took it as she followed gods direction and he blessed them with one of thier own. well they have 2 of there own. plus the wonderful girl they now call thier own. take care.