Friday, January 11, 2008

Journaling November 29th- December 5th, 07

November 29th, 07
Today was a good day at least at home. At work it was difficult, we had 2 potentially crisis situations. But ended up okay so far. I don't have much to say today. At this point it has become just hapit to eat small meals, so I would have to say I'm doing good. However exercising has become more of an annoyance to me I'm not sure why, my mood and everything has been off lately I hope I snap back into place. And even though I haven't been wanting to exercise I'm still doing it I know IT HAS TO BE DONE!

November 30th 07
Well today I'm cooking thanksgiving dinner. Lets cross our fingers that it turns out okay. I wont be writing much this weekend because mom and dad will be here. Even though they will be here I still plan on eating right and exercising as usual. Lord help me not to over est just because there is food to be eaten. Also Lord you know the desires of my heart, you know I want to succeed at this with your help and you know that I want a baby. I just pray that you would have this happen for us...I know you will. You are an AWESOME God!

December 1st, 07
So mom and dad are here so I wont be typing today. See you tomorrow after they leave!

December 2nd, 07
Today mom and dad went home. I will see them again in 3 weeks at the most. Still doing good on my portions. Gosh I can't believe its December. This month will be a yeah since the last tie I got pregnant. Time flies although it felt like a long time now it doesn't. Hard to explain that though. Oh well. I'm tired so I'm going to bed early even though I took a nap today. So see you tomorrow. I plan on getting up early to work out because I have a meeting in the morning so chances are if I don't get up super early and get it done that it won't get done and that is not acceptable.

December 3rd, 07
So I did get up early this morning and work out, at first I didn't want to and actually reset my alarm but then I sat there and thought just get your fat butt up and so I did. I worked out and got ready for work. Went to my meeting, returned home and had my lunch and now I'm just well on here and relazing till I go back to work. I'm so happy I got up early even though I really didn't want to. Thank you Lord for your blessings! I decided to start a daily bible reading log....I should have done this a long time ago but it just came to me today!

December 4th, 07
So today is a good day. Today's word to read was Gen 18....I did not personally pick this it was on a sheet that I had from church from a few weeks ago and I decided that I would do my reading from it. Amazing in this word God tells Abraham that he will return about this time next year and his wife Sarah will have a son. I know your thinking I'm crazy but I believe this word was a promise to me from God. Also a long time ago a word was given to Chris from a man he works with and he said you will be like Abraham a father of many and this is also in this chapter. I feel like this was directly for me. God is good...I pray that satan does not creep in and make me fear or think otherwise. I feel like God wanted us to start being in the word daily and praying more before he could give us this gift/promise of what is to come. Lord I thank you for your word to me. I beleive it and with all that I am. I pray that you would not let me be discouraged. I pray that all fear and worry would leave me in Jesus name! Amen! Lord continue to work in me I feel like I'm getting closer to you through this journey you have planned for me. Help me to not be moody =) Always let me see the good in people. When looking for the good in others yyou find the best in yourself! Thank you God for today and for your promise to are just so great. Lord tomorrow I weigh please let the scale numbers be lower than last week...thank you! And I thank you now for this gift I know you have for us! God you are in control!

December 5th ,07
So today was weigh day and the first day of my period so I was obviously nervous to step on the scale, but....I lost 2 more pounds! THANK YOU JESUS! Gosh I know I say this a lot but God is good! By the way I'm glad that God put on my heart to add my daily bible reading section. Its great...Chris is doing it too...I have a pray request list on the page so that I don't forget all the things I need to be praying for its just great! I have only been doing it for 3 days now and I feel so spiritually boosted its amazing! And I love so much that Chris is reading what I'm reading too and has the prayer list as well. Things are great! I'm obviously looking forward to continuing to lose weight and looking forward to having a baby whenever that comes but I know its coming soon! Well I'm going to work early today to watch my kids at a talent show....this should be great! I'm very excited about it. I'm hoping everything goes good for them. Last night I found out that one of my past kids had been shot and killed over the weekend. I was very upset about this but I know God is in control...I wish I had more answers as to what happened but I will probably never know and will just have to be okay with that. Thank you lord for this day and for all your blessings. Even though I started my period today satan has no hold on me, he is not going to get me down! You are God and I love you...Thank you!

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juniper said...

yeahhh girl friend satan has no hold over the period days!! i stopped him in his stracks with me though i had my ripped out!! lol
here i go again harping on tea but when i had a period (ha, happy dance) i drank chamomile tea, and i'm learning at work it helps keep me calm under stress, especially when windows start shattering!! (you know how that is!!)wwell, i will buy you a box and bring it in this weekend. take care, you know who!!