Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ready to share!!!

August 29th, 08
When I got up and went to the bathroom there was no spotting no nothing but this was in the middle of the night so I told God if when I get up for the day there is no spotting I will take a pregnancy test. So When I got up for the day there was no spotting so I took a test. And much to my surprise written out digitally it said PREGNANT! I could hardly believe my eyes. I was filled with excitement and wanted to tell Chris. I was shaking super hard and could hardly get dressed. Chris was outside taking care of something when he walked in the door I was standing there pregnancy test in hand and said babe you were right this is the month. We both just hugged each other and cried and cried. I had to sit down because my legs were so weak. I then told him I’m excited but I’m so scared. He tried comforting me but unless you have went through a loss you just don’t know the emotions that come over you with this. So we called the doc and was told to go in for blood test which I did but then I would have to wait all the way till Tuesday to get another blood test to make sure my numbers were going up like they should so that I could start my heprin shots(had to wait till Tuesday because of labor day). So I went and had my blood drawn. Following this I came home and pulled out my pregnancy books which have been put up for quite some time. But I was also very crampy today which freaked me out, but I had NO SPOTTING PRAISE GOD!

August 30th, 08
Chris and I have told no one of the pregnancy because we want to tell my parents first and they are coming into town on Friday so we will have to keep our lips sealed. However I seriously needed a prayer warrior praying for Chris and I and this baby to take the fear away. Today I was cramping too pretty bad so I was having a hard time having peace about this pregnancy and being excited at the same time. So I told Streeter a girl that I work with and when I told her she and I both cried. She knows how much Chris and I want this and the struggles we have went through in the past with this. She is an awesome prayer and so is her husband so they have been praying for us! Thank you Lord for these awesome people you have placed in our lives! Today I had no spotting but some light brown mucousie discharge…yeah I know you don’t want to read that but oh well its my journal and I’ll write what I want =) So I was so happy to not have spotting again….I have never been pregnant and not had spotting throughout the entire pregnancy. I also read in one of my books today that cramping is normal and sometimes it’s a lot more painful than just period cramps so God must have put that in place for me to read to help relieve some of my stress.

August 31st, 08
Today was a great day. I was so excited about this pregnancy and my fears were pushed aside. My cramping decreased drastically! I had NO SPOTTING and just a couple times of the light brown mucous like discharge. Having Mr and Mrs Streeter praying and my hubby has just brought such a peace to me. So today I decided how we would tell my parents. I have been saying for over a year that I was going to cut my hair once I became pregnant and donate it. So yesterday I looked through some hair books and found a short hair style and I’m pretty sure once my mom sees that my hair is gone she will immediately know that I am pregnant! Knowing her she probably already knows even though I haven’t told her yet. This is one thing that is killing me is not telling her. She is the one person outside of my hubby that I want to talk to about this more than anyone. But I know it will be worth it to wait till she is down here on Friday and to see her face she and my dad are going to be the best Grandparents ever, Chris’ parents will be good too….this baby is going to have so much love! Thank you Lord for giving me peace and allowing me to be excited about this!

September 1st, 08
Today is Labor day! I have to work which is fine because if I didn’t I would be sitting at the house all day waiting for night time to hit so I could go to bed and get up and go get my blood drawn tomorrow. I just know that everything is doing what it is suppose to do and we will be starting my heprin shots tomorrow! Thank you Lord for continuing to be with me and Chris!

September 2nd, 08
Well we got the levels back today and they are going up just as they should but were still too early in the pregnancy to do the shots so next week we will go again and see what the levels are and then they will determine about the shots.

September 3rd-8th, 08
Well I have had no spotting at all. I had my blood drawn and my levels are still going up as they should…Praise God. I have to get an ultrasound on Friday which I’m excited about and scared about at the same time but I know God is in control and everything is going to be fine.

September 9th-September 12th, 08
NO SPOTTING still! YAY!!! God is so good. Also we went to the doc today and had the ultrasound and saw the little flutter of the baby but its still really close to the wall of my uterus so kinda hard to see…but the sac and the yoke sac look great according to the doc. He says he is very optimistic about this pregnancy and every looks like it is suppose to at 6 weeks along. He had us learn how to do the injections today and I will start them tomorrow. I had my blood drawn today which I will find out about on Monday but I’m sure its PERFECT and then we will have another ultrasound next week some time. So YAY!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Taking time off the blog....

I will be taking a little time off of the blog, not off of my life style change though! I will still be journaling but it will be about some stuff that I am not ready to share with just anyone but I'm sure eventually I will post it on here but for now I wont be posting anything very soon. I will continue to post my weigh ins on Wednesdays though! Have a blessed day! God is GOOD ALL THE TIME!