Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chris is officially a fire fighter...and still as always my number one support!

August 21st, 08
I cannot wait to get out of work tonight because we are heading to Flint. I get to see some old friends which is so exciting and get to see Chels since she just moved to ann arbor. Plus we get to tell everyone about Chris being hired on to Harris Township fire department. I'm so super proud of him. He is the best and deserves this! This is super great!

August 22nd, 08
Today has been soooo busy as most days back in town are. Just trying to see everyone is hard but we like it. Today I got to speak with an old friend who I am going to be praying for and encouraging throughout her weightloss journey. This is so great and what I have wanted since I started this. Now God has me at a place that I can help others. Also she may be helping me turn this all into some kind of workbook to help others as well which is soooooo amazing! God is working so much out! God is good!

August 23rd, 08
Today we spent the day with Chels at the campground. It was a great day. A little more relaxing than yesterday was because we went to the campground. It was a good day. And I did really well with food choices and I still got my workout in even though we were so busy!

August 24th, 08
We came home today. I wanted to eat all stinking day long. I don’t know why. But I ended up going to the store and buying fruit so that if I was going to over eat it was going to be on the fruit and not on any other junk! I had a great workout even though I did NOT want to workout at all today. I wanted to sleep all day long. But God gave me the strength to get my fat butt up and work out! Even when you don’t want to workout just think about how you will feel when your done. And think about how its going to effect you tomorrow if you don’t workout today. If you miss today then I’m sure tomorrow will be that much easier to miss so get up and get moving!

August 25th, 08
Great workout today. Another day of wanting to eat all day so fruit it was! Not much to say today! God bless!

August 26th, 08
Well tomorrow is weigh day! I think I did okay this week. Even with not having a regular schedule and being out of town I think I lost at least something. We will see tomorrow.

August 27th, 08
I lost 1.5 lbs which puts me at 126 lbs lost. I currently weight 247 lbs.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm finally under 250 yay!

August 14- the 19th, 08
Pretty much the same old stuff. Get up early. Work out and go to work! My workouts this week have been great. I have uped them in intensity and it has been awesome! Just so busy lately with watching our friends baby in the mornings and getting my workouts in and getting to work. The days are flying by. By the way if your reading this please continue to pray for Chris and I we are still trying to get pregnant again and pray that when it does happen that all fear would be gone and we wouldn’t focus on the losses from the past but know that God is in control and will keep everything healthy and safe! I have started combining days in my journal for the simple fact that I am so crazy busy it is hard to get on everyday and put a journal entry in plus they are getting to be pretty repetitive=) So God bless!

August 20th, 08
So I lost 2.5 lbs this week yay! I have lost a total of 124.5 now which puts me at 248.5lbs.…still a lot but gosh you have no idea how great it feels to say I way under 250 now. The last time I weighed 250 must have been in like 7th grade. I was doing Jenny craig at that time in 7th grade and remember my last weigh in there after I had lost weight was 255lbs so I’m feeling great about the 248 right now! Thank you Lord for your constant strength and encouragement!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm soooo here is where I catch up

August 2nd, 08
Working this weekend which sucks because I have gotten to use to having time off. Its okay though next weekend I will be in Flint yay!

August 3rd, 08
Not much to say. Just a busy morning with getting my workout in and getting to work….same oh same oh!

August 4th, 08
Its Monday and its our first day watching our friends baby. She was very fussy today and it was hard to get my workout in….but that’s okay I guess its just practice for whenever we have our babies. Nothing interesting again today….be blessed!

August 5th, 08
I’m so excited because tomorrow I leave to go to Flint. I can’t wait to see all my guys. They haven’t seen me since I have lost weight…and I just can’t wait! Tomorrow is weigh day so keep your fingers crossed, hopefully I hit the 120 lb mark for losing!

August 6th, 08
I did it I have lost a total of 120 lbs as of today wooohooo! I can’t believe it! I have so much to do though because I have to catch the train to Flint soon!

August 7th, 08
So the rehearsal was today and when the guys saw me the reactions were priceless and made me feel so good! This hard work is really paying off in so many ways! And I got to be the only girl at the bachelor party being that I am best friends with the groom and that was awesome! Gosh it is so great to finally feel good about myself! Thank you Lord!

August 8th, 08
Today has been crazy busy. This morning I went and got my hair cut and had an updo done for the wedding. Then went to Brandons to help him with stuff for his big day then it was time to get to the church…gosh it was a crazy busy day but it was sooooo great! Thanks to my hubby I had the perfect dress that everyone raved about the only thing missing was my hubby today…but I get to see him tomorrow YAY!

August 9th, 08
My parents and I drove out to Muskegon today and Chris met us there to pick me up but first we spent the day walking the Pier in Muskegon and then went to Grand Haven and did the same. The day flew by but it was a great one! Time for bed now!

August 10th, 08
I’m so exhausted today. I can hardly move. The dancing from Friday night has hit me today and I’m in pain. I haven’t been this sore since our hiking trip…this is crazy! So I’m taking a break today from my workout which is okay because I worked out everyday that I was away.

August 11th, 08
Its back to work day and I’m not looking forward to it. I don’t know but just lately I have not been motivated for work at all. I need to kick it into gear! But I have been doing great with eating right and exercising….I think the only thing I do mess up with sometimes is not eating enough….you know I have a hard time getting past the mindset that eating very little won’t help you lose weight….I’m figuring it out though!

August 12th, 08
So tomorrow is weigh day and I hope I did okay. The numbers have really been dropping and I know its because now that I’m am down that it is going to start coming off slower. My goal is to lost 8-10 pounds per month so I pray I keep that up even with it being so much harder to drop the weight now that I weigh less. I know God will see me through!

August 13th, 08
This will be short and sweet because I have to get a workout in before getting to work. I was mandated so I have to go in early. Well I weighed and I lost 2 lbs which puts me at 122lbs so yay! K I’m going now…have a good one! God is GOOD!

Friday, August 1, 2008

week in missouri...

July 22nd, 08
I packed today and we are leaving tonight for a week in Missouri so I will see you in a week! Be blessed!

July 30th, 08
Well we arrived in Missouri on July 23rd which was weigh day and I only lost 1.5 lbs last week which puts me at 117lbs lost. And then today was weigh day and I didn’t lose any. But I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I mean I was on vacation and at least I didn’t gain. I did work out every day of vacation though so I’m really proud of myself for that! My inlaws were really surprised to see how much weight I had lost and all were very proud of me. I ate healthy as everyone else had cakes and desserts, and went out for custard…I kept strong the entire time and did not give in even once! I’m really proud of me right now! Plus I got to shop at stores for clothes that I have never shopped before. Nice to be able to go some where that doesn’t sell all plus size clothes and shop for once in my life….its freaking great to feel I guess normal! Well it was a great week away but I came back feeling so exhausted! We were very blessed to have the time away together but now its time to get back into the routine of things! Thank you Lord for the great time and keeping me strong throughout the week!

July 31st, 08
Today I took the boys to the 4-H fair. I was so excited because I fit very comfortably inside the rides. And if your small you wouldn’t understand this at all. But I know this time last year I would not have been able to ride any of the rides at the fair due to my size, but this year was a different story. I actually enjoyed the fair this year and didn’t have to worry about if the bars would latch or not or if the belts would reach across me. Like I said before if your small you just don’t understand the fear of waiting to get on a ride and hoping that you fit in the seat and even if you fit in the seat hoping that whatever guard is holding you in fits so that it will lock. I never want to return to that fear again and we all know how small fair rides seats are and I had NO PROBLEMS at all!!!! It was a great day filled with lots and lots of walking and enjoying rides…I would have never been able to do this before.

August 1st, 08
So its Friday, my day off. Oh what shall I do. I know I’m going to RELAX! My hubby has to work today which I’m bummed about. So we spent the morning together running around grocery shopping and stuff. Then he made lunch and headed off to work. I then had a great work out. Now I’m on here. When I’m done writing I’m going to have a girls night with myself and I’m so excited about it. I rented some chick flicks from redbox(movies I knew chris wouldn’t want to see) and I’m going to kick back and watch them and do a whole lot of nothing but enjoy not doing anything! Its going to be great(although I will miss my hubby). So I’m off for my girls or should I say girlie evening!