Friday, August 1, 2008

week in missouri...

July 22nd, 08
I packed today and we are leaving tonight for a week in Missouri so I will see you in a week! Be blessed!

July 30th, 08
Well we arrived in Missouri on July 23rd which was weigh day and I only lost 1.5 lbs last week which puts me at 117lbs lost. And then today was weigh day and I didn’t lose any. But I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I mean I was on vacation and at least I didn’t gain. I did work out every day of vacation though so I’m really proud of myself for that! My inlaws were really surprised to see how much weight I had lost and all were very proud of me. I ate healthy as everyone else had cakes and desserts, and went out for custard…I kept strong the entire time and did not give in even once! I’m really proud of me right now! Plus I got to shop at stores for clothes that I have never shopped before. Nice to be able to go some where that doesn’t sell all plus size clothes and shop for once in my life….its freaking great to feel I guess normal! Well it was a great week away but I came back feeling so exhausted! We were very blessed to have the time away together but now its time to get back into the routine of things! Thank you Lord for the great time and keeping me strong throughout the week!

July 31st, 08
Today I took the boys to the 4-H fair. I was so excited because I fit very comfortably inside the rides. And if your small you wouldn’t understand this at all. But I know this time last year I would not have been able to ride any of the rides at the fair due to my size, but this year was a different story. I actually enjoyed the fair this year and didn’t have to worry about if the bars would latch or not or if the belts would reach across me. Like I said before if your small you just don’t understand the fear of waiting to get on a ride and hoping that you fit in the seat and even if you fit in the seat hoping that whatever guard is holding you in fits so that it will lock. I never want to return to that fear again and we all know how small fair rides seats are and I had NO PROBLEMS at all!!!! It was a great day filled with lots and lots of walking and enjoying rides…I would have never been able to do this before.

August 1st, 08
So its Friday, my day off. Oh what shall I do. I know I’m going to RELAX! My hubby has to work today which I’m bummed about. So we spent the morning together running around grocery shopping and stuff. Then he made lunch and headed off to work. I then had a great work out. Now I’m on here. When I’m done writing I’m going to have a girls night with myself and I’m so excited about it. I rented some chick flicks from redbox(movies I knew chris wouldn’t want to see) and I’m going to kick back and watch them and do a whole lot of nothing but enjoy not doing anything! Its going to be great(although I will miss my hubby). So I’m off for my girls or should I say girlie evening!

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