Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm finally under 250 yay!

August 14- the 19th, 08
Pretty much the same old stuff. Get up early. Work out and go to work! My workouts this week have been great. I have uped them in intensity and it has been awesome! Just so busy lately with watching our friends baby in the mornings and getting my workouts in and getting to work. The days are flying by. By the way if your reading this please continue to pray for Chris and I we are still trying to get pregnant again and pray that when it does happen that all fear would be gone and we wouldn’t focus on the losses from the past but know that God is in control and will keep everything healthy and safe! I have started combining days in my journal for the simple fact that I am so crazy busy it is hard to get on everyday and put a journal entry in plus they are getting to be pretty repetitive=) So God bless!

August 20th, 08
So I lost 2.5 lbs this week yay! I have lost a total of 124.5 now which puts me at 248.5lbs.…still a lot but gosh you have no idea how great it feels to say I way under 250 now. The last time I weighed 250 must have been in like 7th grade. I was doing Jenny craig at that time in 7th grade and remember my last weigh in there after I had lost weight was 255lbs so I’m feeling great about the 248 right now! Thank you Lord for your constant strength and encouragement!

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