Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chris is officially a fire fighter...and still as always my number one support!

August 21st, 08
I cannot wait to get out of work tonight because we are heading to Flint. I get to see some old friends which is so exciting and get to see Chels since she just moved to ann arbor. Plus we get to tell everyone about Chris being hired on to Harris Township fire department. I'm so super proud of him. He is the best and deserves this! This is super great!

August 22nd, 08
Today has been soooo busy as most days back in town are. Just trying to see everyone is hard but we like it. Today I got to speak with an old friend who I am going to be praying for and encouraging throughout her weightloss journey. This is so great and what I have wanted since I started this. Now God has me at a place that I can help others. Also she may be helping me turn this all into some kind of workbook to help others as well which is soooooo amazing! God is working so much out! God is good!

August 23rd, 08
Today we spent the day with Chels at the campground. It was a great day. A little more relaxing than yesterday was because we went to the campground. It was a good day. And I did really well with food choices and I still got my workout in even though we were so busy!

August 24th, 08
We came home today. I wanted to eat all stinking day long. I don’t know why. But I ended up going to the store and buying fruit so that if I was going to over eat it was going to be on the fruit and not on any other junk! I had a great workout even though I did NOT want to workout at all today. I wanted to sleep all day long. But God gave me the strength to get my fat butt up and work out! Even when you don’t want to workout just think about how you will feel when your done. And think about how its going to effect you tomorrow if you don’t workout today. If you miss today then I’m sure tomorrow will be that much easier to miss so get up and get moving!

August 25th, 08
Great workout today. Another day of wanting to eat all day so fruit it was! Not much to say today! God bless!

August 26th, 08
Well tomorrow is weigh day! I think I did okay this week. Even with not having a regular schedule and being out of town I think I lost at least something. We will see tomorrow.

August 27th, 08
I lost 1.5 lbs which puts me at 126 lbs lost. I currently weight 247 lbs.

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