Friday, May 30, 2008

Just being productive..

May 29th, 08
Well this will be short and sweet. I worked from 9am this morning till 10pm this evening. I had to drive one of my kids to battle creek. Needless to say I didn’t work out today, but I did stick to my healthy eating even with being on the road so YAY! I know I say this a lot but it can never be said too much! GOD IS GOOD!

May 30th, 08
Today is good! I get to spend it with my hubby! We started the day with a nice brisk 2 mile walk and we are going on it again this afternoon. We are shopping and cleaning etc. But its nice because I get to spend the day with my number one supporter(outside of God), which really isn’t completely outside of God because I know God uses Chris to keep me where I need to be! Anyways now I’m rambling! I’m going to go spend some time with my hubby! Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 25th- 28th

May 25th, 08
Well today was busy. Church, workout, then work! Not much time to do much of anything! Have a good one!

May 26th, 08
I am so proud of myself. I did 3.9 miles in 66 minutes! I’m am increasing my pace which is great! I have also been carrying my weights for 2 of the miles. I have been busting my but and I’m hoping for a weightloss of more than a half of a pound this week! God has been so great to me!

May 27th, 08
Well I worked till 2am last night and had a meeting at 11a this morning so needless to say my workout was not as long or intense as it has been but I still did work out. I walked 1.1 miles in 18 minutes with my weights and before I knew it it was time to get ready for work. Tomorrow is weigh day! That means pray pray pray =)

May 28th, 08
I had a great workout today. I did my 3.9 miles in 64 minutes and 28 seconds! I decreased my time! YAY! I also lost 4 pounds this week which puts me at 95.8 lbs lost. I now weigh 277! Thank you LORD for your goodness, your strength, your support!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Changing workout and training for 5k and 8k!

May 22nd, 08
I’m happy today is Thursday because that means I have tomorrow off of work. I have not been going to the gym much but still exercising starting to train for my 5k and 8k. I have been doing some power walking which is a major change from the elliptical, and uses completely different muscles. It feels great! Things are good!

May 23rd, 08
Today I didn’t do a how lot of anything. I was completely not motivated! I did no work out, and no house work. A whole lot of nothing. And I’m fine with it. I was just lazy and chilled all day. The only thing is that I’m disappointed in myself for eating a little too much. Sitting around doing nothing does cause boredom which in turn makes you eat more so no more of that mess!!! =) But I did get to spend the day with my amazing hubby which was just great!

May 24th, 08
I walked 3.4 miles today pretty briskly, this included a couple large hills which wore me out! I also carried a 3lb weight in each hand to add to the calorie burn and muscle build in my arms. It was tough and nice at the same time! God is so good and keeps giving me strength to make it through each work out! I must say thought that my arms are killing me now!!! =) Well time to have lunch and get ready for work. Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weigh day...I'm frustrated...what the crap happened!

May 21st, 08
I’m a bit confused today! I only lost .5 lbs. How in the world did that happen. With all the hiking. And I ate how I should. We didn’t even go out. I’m obviously frustrated but there is really nothing I can do about it at this point. Gosh! Well I guess I have to kick it into high gear this week and make up for this past one. But honestly I don’t know where I went wrong! God help me to push through this frustration and to have an awesome week! You are GOOD!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


May 20th, 08
Well its Tuesday and I am back into my routine of getting up, going to the gym, and then getting ready for my work day. Tomorrow is weigh day. I’m hoping its good. Although I feel like my muscles are all swollen from the 3 days of hiking. I am still trying to recover from the trip but also not wanting to fall back on the progress I have made so even though my body still aches exercise is not an option it HAS to happen! I did good today getting back into things. I’m praying for good numbers tomorrow….in the 270’s would be good! Lord thank you again for just being who you are!

What a great trip to Boyne Falls...hiking, hiking, hiking!

May 19th, 08
It was a great past few days. I hiked my butt off! First Thursday we arrived in Boyne falls and we had dinner and being that the shop was not open to provide us with a hiking map we decided to wing it. Well I climbed this mountain in the process and was super proud of myself for doing so. We eventually got lost on this trail that we made up but just turned around and headed back. We hiked for 2 and a half hours that day! I would have never been able to do that before! Then Friday we decided again to go hike we didn’t stop and get a map but we did find out where some actual hiking trails were so we winged it again and stumbled upon some maps on the trails. We hiked for 2 hours on this day. It was beautiful and tough! I loved it. Come Saturday my body was aching but I still wanted to challenge myself. We decided to take a path which happened to be the LONGEST path for hiking they had. Even with having a map we still got lost. It was crazy. We walked this for 3 and a half hours. Its amazing what your body will do when it has to! It started raining about the last 45 minutes of that hike but we just kept pushing through. My hubby was the fearless leader(after we got lost of course, I was the one who got us lost). Then mom, she must be the most in shape 50 year old I have ever met. She was incredible! What a great trip. I am so proud of me and us. It was just awesome. This vacation was definitely not relaxing by any means but it was just great! I felt productive. Where we stayed was wonderful. It had a full kitchen so we weren’t forced to go out to eat. We brought all of our food and cooked every meal. Gosh our lives have really changed. Thank you Lord for the change you have made in me and in us. You are sooo GOOD! Mom and I keep joking saying that when we weigh in on Wednesday we had better have lost like 20 lbs as much hiking as we did…lol.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lost 3 more pounds!

May 14th, 08
I lost 3 pounds! Yay! So now I’m at a total loss of 91.3 lbs lost. Just 8.7 till I hit 100 lbs! YAY YAY YAY! Well I’m going to be out of town for the next few days. Hopefully I will get a chance to update this but if not see you Monday! God is GOOD!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just a regular Monday and Tuesday...

May 12th 08
Well its Monday and I’m ready to get this week started. For one I want to hit my 90 lb mark this week and for 2 on Thursday we are going to Boyne falls for 4 days and I can’t wait! Things are going good. I’m still working out hard even when I don’t feel like it and eating right! God is awesome!

May 13th 08
Its Tuesday night and I’m so happy because I just have one more night of work and then we are heading north! I’m so excited! And I probably get to leave work early tomorrow evening so yay! Got lots of packing to do so tomorrow may be my off day for exercise but I’m going to try to at least get a good walk in. Tomorrow is weigh day too…I’m hoping I hit 90lbs this week and hopefully passed it that would be AWESOME! Well I’m super tired so I’m going to bed. God bless!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Its Mothers Day.....

May 11th, 08
Well the fruit thing is going good! Today is mothers day! Don’t know why but I’m super emotional today! Well I do know why but I don’t want to be sad today. And I don’t want to be like poor me. I don’t think that. But I am sad and I can’t get around that. I’m just trying to hold my head up and act like I’m not, which I think I’m doing a pretty good job of. One of my best friends had her baby today. I’m so happy for her, and sad for me at the same time. God has helped me keep it together today. I actually thought about not going to church because I figured the entire service was going to be mom, mom, mom, mom, mom….and so on. But God gave me peace about it this morning and gave me the urge to just go and He let me know that he would be there with me helping me through. Well I went to the service and it wasn’t that way at all. Gosh I wouldn’t even had known it was a mothers day service except for at the very end he said Happy Mothers Day. God is so good! He was so sensitive to what I needed today. And the message was great. Thank you Lord for this day and for being with me through everything. I will have faith no matter what my circumstances!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Life is good...God is GREAT!

May 8th, 08
I’m so excited that a week from today we will be in Boyne Falls! It is going to be so much fun! We are going hiking! Who would have thought that I would be excited about hiking….but I am! Today is going good. I’m ready for a day off work which will be tomorrow! Lord I give you this day!

May 9th, 08
I got to spend the whole day with my hubby! IT was nice. We did house and yard work and got a great workout in. I love these days! Except for I think I ate a little too much but I will work it off!

May 10th, 08
Today I decided to start a fruit flush. I will do it for 2-3 days. Excluding my regular morning breakfast of oatmeal and a whey protein shake. I think I need those because I work out right after I eat in the morning and I don’t want to feel weak. But I thought I would give myself a boost with an only fruit(outside of breakfast) for a few days. I’m afraid I’m going to hit a plateau soon and don’t want this to happen so I thought I would just try this! We will see. I read in a health magazine about another girl who did this every so often so I will let you know how it works out for me. Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Weigh was good!

May 7th, 08
Today is weigh day and YAY…I lost 3.5 lbs. I’m at a total loss of 88.3 lbs. Only 11.7 to go till I hit 100lbs….I can’t believe it. I’m so happy right now! Although I feel a little under the weather but besides that I’m SO SUPER HAPPY! God is so good and has been helping me through every step of the way…He has never left my side even in my down times, even when I feel He isn’t there He is! I finished reading the book “The Shack” Let me tell you this book is life changing you must read it…and whether you believe it or not…that is up to you…but I DO! One of the quotes that I got out of the book was…”Judging others means you consider yourself superior to them.” Now this doesn’t just mean judging their life style. Its judging anything about them. Clothes, hair, car, etc. When you do this you are putting yourself at a higher level then them. I know this has nothing to do with weightloss or anything but this quote really got to me and got me really thinking. Honestly I never though myself superior to anyone but I have judged on the things above so I guess I did….time for changing that!!!! Another quote that I received through an email yesterday was “life isn’t about the storm…its about learning to dance in the rain! Now isn’t that true! Wow. Well I need to get cleaning this house of mine! God Bless! Now my weight it 284.5 lbs…I’m hoping to hit my 90 lb mark by next Wednesday and hopefully surpass it!!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This has been a blessed week....God is good!

May 1st, 08
Going to Flint YAY! So I’m packing today! I have so much to get done today! Gotta get my house clean before I head out! This should be a great weekend and I’m praying for nice weather! We got a letter from Vitoria(a child we sponsor). It was the best letter yet! She is so sweet! She said she prays every night for us to have a baby. This brought tears to my eyes. It also boosted my faith. Because when I child asks for something they 100% believe that God is going to answer. This made me try to have more faith like a child, and not let my adult thoughts get in the way when I pray!

May 2nd, 08
Spent a lot of time at the camp ground today. Did my working out on the Elliptical and then just hung out by the water while Chris fished. Then came home and played cards with my parents. Of course mom was my partner and we beat the boys 2 games in a row! It was great fun!

May 3rd, 08
Hung out at the camp ground most of the day again. It was nice. Worked out for 100 minutes on the elliptical doing the weightloss course. Then came home and played cards with my parents again…it was a replay of last night the girls won again 2 games in a row. Then we watched Facing the Giants. I cannot believe that I have never seen this moving. It was GREAT! Very inspiring! I loved it! I also started reading a book called “The Shack” It is powerful. I never want to put it down till I’m finished.

May 4th, 08
Today was Elijah’s dedication! It was a great morning! We went to the dedication and then to dinner with the family. Although I did not eat while out because it was a Chinese buffet and it wasn’t worth the money for the amount of food I would eat plus Chinese has so much sodium so I thought it best to stay away from it today. Following this we went back out to the camp ground(we obviously love it out there). It was pretty great. We did a lot of walking and talking. Although I had a stomach bug most of the day and by night time I felt horrible. But God helped me through as always! God is Good!

May 5th, 08
Well we drove home this morning. Still feeling a little iffy but for the most part a lot better! We had a great weekend with pretty great weather(thank God). I am still reading “The Shack”. I must say that everyone should read this book! Things are good and its time to start the work week.

May 6th, 08
Tomorrow is weigh day! And I know already that its not going to be a big number like last week. I don’t expect it to be. But I have been working super hard so I’m hoping for 3 or more pounds which would be great. But I will take whatever the Lord will allow! God is good!