Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 25th- 28th

May 25th, 08
Well today was busy. Church, workout, then work! Not much time to do much of anything! Have a good one!

May 26th, 08
I am so proud of myself. I did 3.9 miles in 66 minutes! I’m am increasing my pace which is great! I have also been carrying my weights for 2 of the miles. I have been busting my but and I’m hoping for a weightloss of more than a half of a pound this week! God has been so great to me!

May 27th, 08
Well I worked till 2am last night and had a meeting at 11a this morning so needless to say my workout was not as long or intense as it has been but I still did work out. I walked 1.1 miles in 18 minutes with my weights and before I knew it it was time to get ready for work. Tomorrow is weigh day! That means pray pray pray =)

May 28th, 08
I had a great workout today. I did my 3.9 miles in 64 minutes and 28 seconds! I decreased my time! YAY! I also lost 4 pounds this week which puts me at 95.8 lbs lost. I now weigh 277! Thank you LORD for your goodness, your strength, your support!

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Anonymous said...

I have to tell you I read ever entry in your blog. You made me cry, laugh, and just feel so proud. I can't wait to join you in all your glory. I love you sooooooooooooooo much. I can't wait to see you and how wonderful you look. You have always been beautiful, I know that you are feeling beautiful now and I can't wait to see how that shows on your face.

Love ya