Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What a great trip to Boyne Falls...hiking, hiking, hiking!

May 19th, 08
It was a great past few days. I hiked my butt off! First Thursday we arrived in Boyne falls and we had dinner and being that the shop was not open to provide us with a hiking map we decided to wing it. Well I climbed this mountain in the process and was super proud of myself for doing so. We eventually got lost on this trail that we made up but just turned around and headed back. We hiked for 2 and a half hours that day! I would have never been able to do that before! Then Friday we decided again to go hike we didn’t stop and get a map but we did find out where some actual hiking trails were so we winged it again and stumbled upon some maps on the trails. We hiked for 2 hours on this day. It was beautiful and tough! I loved it. Come Saturday my body was aching but I still wanted to challenge myself. We decided to take a path which happened to be the LONGEST path for hiking they had. Even with having a map we still got lost. It was crazy. We walked this for 3 and a half hours. Its amazing what your body will do when it has to! It started raining about the last 45 minutes of that hike but we just kept pushing through. My hubby was the fearless leader(after we got lost of course, I was the one who got us lost). Then mom, she must be the most in shape 50 year old I have ever met. She was incredible! What a great trip. I am so proud of me and us. It was just awesome. This vacation was definitely not relaxing by any means but it was just great! I felt productive. Where we stayed was wonderful. It had a full kitchen so we weren’t forced to go out to eat. We brought all of our food and cooked every meal. Gosh our lives have really changed. Thank you Lord for the change you have made in me and in us. You are sooo GOOD! Mom and I keep joking saying that when we weigh in on Wednesday we had better have lost like 20 lbs as much hiking as we did…lol.

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