Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just a regular Monday and Tuesday...

May 12th 08
Well its Monday and I’m ready to get this week started. For one I want to hit my 90 lb mark this week and for 2 on Thursday we are going to Boyne falls for 4 days and I can’t wait! Things are going good. I’m still working out hard even when I don’t feel like it and eating right! God is awesome!

May 13th 08
Its Tuesday night and I’m so happy because I just have one more night of work and then we are heading north! I’m so excited! And I probably get to leave work early tomorrow evening so yay! Got lots of packing to do so tomorrow may be my off day for exercise but I’m going to try to at least get a good walk in. Tomorrow is weigh day too…I’m hoping I hit 90lbs this week and hopefully passed it that would be AWESOME! Well I’m super tired so I’m going to bed. God bless!

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