Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This has been a blessed week....God is good!

May 1st, 08
Going to Flint YAY! So I’m packing today! I have so much to get done today! Gotta get my house clean before I head out! This should be a great weekend and I’m praying for nice weather! We got a letter from Vitoria(a child we sponsor). It was the best letter yet! She is so sweet! She said she prays every night for us to have a baby. This brought tears to my eyes. It also boosted my faith. Because when I child asks for something they 100% believe that God is going to answer. This made me try to have more faith like a child, and not let my adult thoughts get in the way when I pray!

May 2nd, 08
Spent a lot of time at the camp ground today. Did my working out on the Elliptical and then just hung out by the water while Chris fished. Then came home and played cards with my parents. Of course mom was my partner and we beat the boys 2 games in a row! It was great fun!

May 3rd, 08
Hung out at the camp ground most of the day again. It was nice. Worked out for 100 minutes on the elliptical doing the weightloss course. Then came home and played cards with my parents again…it was a replay of last night the girls won again 2 games in a row. Then we watched Facing the Giants. I cannot believe that I have never seen this moving. It was GREAT! Very inspiring! I loved it! I also started reading a book called “The Shack” It is powerful. I never want to put it down till I’m finished.

May 4th, 08
Today was Elijah’s dedication! It was a great morning! We went to the dedication and then to dinner with the family. Although I did not eat while out because it was a Chinese buffet and it wasn’t worth the money for the amount of food I would eat plus Chinese has so much sodium so I thought it best to stay away from it today. Following this we went back out to the camp ground(we obviously love it out there). It was pretty great. We did a lot of walking and talking. Although I had a stomach bug most of the day and by night time I felt horrible. But God helped me through as always! God is Good!

May 5th, 08
Well we drove home this morning. Still feeling a little iffy but for the most part a lot better! We had a great weekend with pretty great weather(thank God). I am still reading “The Shack”. I must say that everyone should read this book! Things are good and its time to start the work week.

May 6th, 08
Tomorrow is weigh day! And I know already that its not going to be a big number like last week. I don’t expect it to be. But I have been working super hard so I’m hoping for 3 or more pounds which would be great. But I will take whatever the Lord will allow! God is good!

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