Friday, May 30, 2008

Just being productive..

May 29th, 08
Well this will be short and sweet. I worked from 9am this morning till 10pm this evening. I had to drive one of my kids to battle creek. Needless to say I didn’t work out today, but I did stick to my healthy eating even with being on the road so YAY! I know I say this a lot but it can never be said too much! GOD IS GOOD!

May 30th, 08
Today is good! I get to spend it with my hubby! We started the day with a nice brisk 2 mile walk and we are going on it again this afternoon. We are shopping and cleaning etc. But its nice because I get to spend the day with my number one supporter(outside of God), which really isn’t completely outside of God because I know God uses Chris to keep me where I need to be! Anyways now I’m rambling! I’m going to go spend some time with my hubby! Have a blessed day!

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