Saturday, May 24, 2008

Changing workout and training for 5k and 8k!

May 22nd, 08
I’m happy today is Thursday because that means I have tomorrow off of work. I have not been going to the gym much but still exercising starting to train for my 5k and 8k. I have been doing some power walking which is a major change from the elliptical, and uses completely different muscles. It feels great! Things are good!

May 23rd, 08
Today I didn’t do a how lot of anything. I was completely not motivated! I did no work out, and no house work. A whole lot of nothing. And I’m fine with it. I was just lazy and chilled all day. The only thing is that I’m disappointed in myself for eating a little too much. Sitting around doing nothing does cause boredom which in turn makes you eat more so no more of that mess!!! =) But I did get to spend the day with my amazing hubby which was just great!

May 24th, 08
I walked 3.4 miles today pretty briskly, this included a couple large hills which wore me out! I also carried a 3lb weight in each hand to add to the calorie burn and muscle build in my arms. It was tough and nice at the same time! God is so good and keeps giving me strength to make it through each work out! I must say thought that my arms are killing me now!!! =) Well time to have lunch and get ready for work. Have a blessed day!


Anonymous said...

wow...its so awsome that you are at the brink of your 100 pound mark. it just seems like yesterday when you started this blog!! thanks for making it easier to open (for your impatient friends) keep going, you look so wonderful these days :)

street said...

i didn't want to be anonymous!it's me!!!