Monday, July 21, 2008

Soooo ready for a vacation!

July 18th, 08
Well today I had the day off! We were super busy trying to get the house clean because today is the only day I have to get things done before we leave for Missouri. Plus we were having important company over today so we were so busy! But the house is clean yay! We had some friends over which was great! Then we had time together which also was great! It was an awesome day and I can’t wait for 7 of these next week….minus the cleaning my house because I’m going to be GONE!

July 19th, 08
Well another 12 hour day ahead of me. I worked out. And did what I needed to do but now its time to head out to work again! 4 more days till Missouri!

July 20th, 08
Only 2 more 12 hour days left and I am so proud of myself. I have been getting up early enough to get my workouts in before these long work days it has been great! I’m ready for them to be over though but I do thank God for providing the OT! God is good!

July 21st, 08
I finished my 6 OT day and I’m so happy. This means one more regular work day and then we are off to Missouri. But this also means…I have SOOOO much to do. I have been able to do nothing this week because of all the hours I have been working so no packing has been done and no laundry…so I should get off of here and get it done! Have a blessed day. I probably won’t get a chance to update this again till we get back!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

work, work, and more work.....

July 14th, 08
Well I got called into work today. I did get a workout in but I’m tired. I’m working 12 hours today so I gotta get out of here! Have a blessed one!

July 15th, 08
So for the next 6 days that I work 5 of them are 12 hour shifts. And I just did a 12 hour shift yesterday. One of the girls I work with called off for the week! I know I’m gonna regret it each morning that I have to get up and go to work early but at the same time I’m blessed by it too because that is a lot of over time! Tomorrow is weigh day…pray I lost! By the way even though I’m working the 12 hour days I’m still getting my workouts in! I did my workout 2 times today! Thank you Lord for all the strength that you give me!

July 16th 08
So it was weigh day and I did okay. Not great thought. I lost 2.5 lbs which I know is good but I wanted 4. Oh well I can only do what I can do right! Thank you Lord for the weight that I did lose! Well off to work again for another 12 hours…I’m taking the boys to the YMCA today so we can all get a good workout in!

July 17th, 08
This is my third 12 hour day coming up today which means 3 more after this but I do have tomorrow off which I’m happy about! I don’t really have time to be on here because I still have to do breakfast and my workout and get ready for my long work day…so have a great day! Be blessed! By the way yesterday when I took my boys to the YMCA I outlasted all of them on the elliptical and was going much faster than they were…it was great!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The weekend.....good times...

July 10th, 08
I had my supervision at work today and it went really well. I’m apparently doing great but I guess I’m a little too nice as a supervisor to the other staff so they are slacking a bit, but if that’s the worst that comes out of my supervision is me being nice then yay! Today was good….Jenn is coming to visit tomorrow…yay…and I get to spend a whole day with my hubby and I can’t wait!

July 11th, 08
Its Friday yay and I’m spending the day with my amazing husband. Jenn will be coming into town this evening. I’m so excited to be with my hubby all day! So I’m getting off of here so I can be with him.

July 12th 08
Today is girls day. Spent the morning with my hubby and Jenn, but now its time for girls night out…see ya later!

July 13th, 08
Well I went out with the girls last night we went to Fridays and I only ordered a water and ate nothing(it was too late to be eatin‘). Then we went to the Landing and did some dancing…it was great fun…and a really good work out! Even though Jenn was in town and I knew I was gonna be up late and dancing’ I was still sure to get my workout in yesterday morning….and today(although my body didn‘t want to today)! God is so good! He continues to keep me strong and pressing through! Thanks Lord for a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July is flying by.....and where did June go...

July 6th, 08
I took the kids to the beach today and we had a great time. Played volleyball in the water which was a really good workout my legs were super sore. Not much to report today. No struggles with food or workouts. God is good!

July 7th, 08
Its Monday…I got up early and got my workout in, then went to work for a meeting, came home and had lunch then went back to work…not a very interesting day!

July 8th, 08
I’m feeling bloated today like I’m retaining water or something…I don’t know. Chels said I look super small today but I’m not feeling it. I did my workouts and ate right but just don’t feel great. Tomorrow is weigh day so I’m hoping its good!

July 9th, 08
Weigh day…well I didn’t hit the 4.5 lb goal which stinks but I did hit 3 lbs which I’m happy about….I’m setting another 4 lb goal for myself for next week. I’m at a total of 113 lbs lost now so yay…I would like to be at 120 lbs lost by the time we go to Missouri which is in 2 weeks so I’m going to have to work hard to get these 7 lbs off by then! I know I can do it with Gods help!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July weekend...

July 3rd, 08
Had a great day today. Did my workouts! Took the boys at work to the beach and had so much fun! It was just a great day!

July 4th, 08
My hubby surprised me by taking the day off and it was great! We went shopping. Then just spent the rest of the day together. Then some friends came over and we watched a movie then went outside and watched some fireworks! It was a nice day….I just love days like these with my amazing hubby! Thank you Lord for all your blessings!

July 5th, 08
I’m not feeling the greatest today! But I still did my work out! Getting ready for work now! Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


July 1st 08
Wow today has just been amazing! God has been so good to me! First of all I don’t know if you remember the day that I was venting about stuff at work but today the person that I was having the issues with was like a completely different person…or who knows maybe God changed me…you know a lot of times when we pray to God to change someone else we really need to deal with what needs to change about us first…but I’m not going to preach. But anyways back to this issue….its all good! So then following this I did have a kid threaten to beat me up with a chair and started coming at me with it…now you would think that would have stressed me out and made this day bad but it didn’t phase me one bit. Following this I found out I was employee of the month which is cool and I get to pick a $20 gift card so yay. Then following this our company gets an email from our top dog(boss) that says they were looking over the budget and they feel really bad about the fact they were unable to hand out bonuses in December so tomorrow everyone who works full time and was hired before April 08 gets $100. What a blessing! God is just AWESOME! He is awesome in the not so good times to (don’t forget that)! GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!

July 2nd, 08
Today is weigh day…..and I hit the goal of losing 4.5 lbs and I actually lost 5 lbs YAY! Now I’m at 110(well 109.8 if you want to be technical) I now weigh 263 lbs WOOHOOO!!!! Goal for next week is another 4.5 lbs….I know its going to be hard but I’m going to do my best to hit it! Thank you Lord for your strength, and peace, you are awesome!

Must have forggoten to add these on here when I put them in my journal...sorry!

June 28th, 08
I did a whole lot of nothing today. I mean I did my work out…3 actually, but other than that I was pretty useless around here. I just chilled most of the day outside of working out…it was actually really nice! It was a great day off but I missed my hubby he had to work all day long!

June 29th, 08
So I did 3 workouts again today…I refuse to let my body hit a plateau which I believe is what its trying to do with only losing 2 lbs last week and zero the week before. I went shopping all day with Chels which was a lot of fun…I got my shoes for my friends wedding….now if only I could find the perfect dress…I think I did we will see I ordered it and it will be here in a couple days…but I also thought the last dress I bought was “the dress” but now I’m thinking it wasn’t. I have to look AMAZING at this wedding….I have lost so much weight since I have seen pretty much all the people that are going to be there so I have to look great! We will see when this dress gets here if it makes the cut…lol.

June 30th, 08
Its Monday and I’m back to work. I did 2 workouts this morning one after breakfast and the other after lunch and I think I will do a quick one tonight when I get home…but we will see. Have a blessed day!