Wednesday, July 2, 2008


July 1st 08
Wow today has just been amazing! God has been so good to me! First of all I don’t know if you remember the day that I was venting about stuff at work but today the person that I was having the issues with was like a completely different person…or who knows maybe God changed me…you know a lot of times when we pray to God to change someone else we really need to deal with what needs to change about us first…but I’m not going to preach. But anyways back to this issue….its all good! So then following this I did have a kid threaten to beat me up with a chair and started coming at me with it…now you would think that would have stressed me out and made this day bad but it didn’t phase me one bit. Following this I found out I was employee of the month which is cool and I get to pick a $20 gift card so yay. Then following this our company gets an email from our top dog(boss) that says they were looking over the budget and they feel really bad about the fact they were unable to hand out bonuses in December so tomorrow everyone who works full time and was hired before April 08 gets $100. What a blessing! God is just AWESOME! He is awesome in the not so good times to (don’t forget that)! GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!

July 2nd, 08
Today is weigh day…..and I hit the goal of losing 4.5 lbs and I actually lost 5 lbs YAY! Now I’m at 110(well 109.8 if you want to be technical) I now weigh 263 lbs WOOHOOO!!!! Goal for next week is another 4.5 lbs….I know its going to be hard but I’m going to do my best to hit it! Thank you Lord for your strength, and peace, you are awesome!

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