Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July is flying by.....and where did June go...

July 6th, 08
I took the kids to the beach today and we had a great time. Played volleyball in the water which was a really good workout my legs were super sore. Not much to report today. No struggles with food or workouts. God is good!

July 7th, 08
Its Monday…I got up early and got my workout in, then went to work for a meeting, came home and had lunch then went back to work…not a very interesting day!

July 8th, 08
I’m feeling bloated today like I’m retaining water or something…I don’t know. Chels said I look super small today but I’m not feeling it. I did my workouts and ate right but just don’t feel great. Tomorrow is weigh day so I’m hoping its good!

July 9th, 08
Weigh day…well I didn’t hit the 4.5 lb goal which stinks but I did hit 3 lbs which I’m happy about….I’m setting another 4 lb goal for myself for next week. I’m at a total of 113 lbs lost now so yay…I would like to be at 120 lbs lost by the time we go to Missouri which is in 2 weeks so I’m going to have to work hard to get these 7 lbs off by then! I know I can do it with Gods help!

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Teresa said...

I hope you know how amazing you are!!!!!!!!!! Love Mo