Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Must have forggoten to add these on here when I put them in my journal...sorry!

June 28th, 08
I did a whole lot of nothing today. I mean I did my work out…3 actually, but other than that I was pretty useless around here. I just chilled most of the day outside of working out…it was actually really nice! It was a great day off but I missed my hubby he had to work all day long!

June 29th, 08
So I did 3 workouts again today…I refuse to let my body hit a plateau which I believe is what its trying to do with only losing 2 lbs last week and zero the week before. I went shopping all day with Chels which was a lot of fun…I got my shoes for my friends wedding….now if only I could find the perfect dress…I think I did we will see I ordered it and it will be here in a couple days…but I also thought the last dress I bought was “the dress” but now I’m thinking it wasn’t. I have to look AMAZING at this wedding….I have lost so much weight since I have seen pretty much all the people that are going to be there so I have to look great! We will see when this dress gets here if it makes the cut…lol.

June 30th, 08
Its Monday and I’m back to work. I did 2 workouts this morning one after breakfast and the other after lunch and I think I will do a quick one tonight when I get home…but we will see. Have a blessed day!

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