Sunday, July 13, 2008

The weekend.....good times...

July 10th, 08
I had my supervision at work today and it went really well. I’m apparently doing great but I guess I’m a little too nice as a supervisor to the other staff so they are slacking a bit, but if that’s the worst that comes out of my supervision is me being nice then yay! Today was good….Jenn is coming to visit tomorrow…yay…and I get to spend a whole day with my hubby and I can’t wait!

July 11th, 08
Its Friday yay and I’m spending the day with my amazing husband. Jenn will be coming into town this evening. I’m so excited to be with my hubby all day! So I’m getting off of here so I can be with him.

July 12th 08
Today is girls day. Spent the morning with my hubby and Jenn, but now its time for girls night out…see ya later!

July 13th, 08
Well I went out with the girls last night we went to Fridays and I only ordered a water and ate nothing(it was too late to be eatin‘). Then we went to the Landing and did some dancing…it was great fun…and a really good work out! Even though Jenn was in town and I knew I was gonna be up late and dancing’ I was still sure to get my workout in yesterday morning….and today(although my body didn‘t want to today)! God is so good! He continues to keep me strong and pressing through! Thanks Lord for a great weekend!

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