Sunday, January 20, 2008

Journaling December 27th-31st, 07

December 27th, 07
Well today is my last day of work for this week yay! Mom is coming down tonight I am so excited so I won’t be writing much for the next 3 days.

December 28th, 07
Mom is here YAY! Today we are just hanging out and enjoying the day. Did some cleaning and not much of anything else.

December 29th, 07
Today mom and I shopped all day long from 11a-6:30 with only a 45 min break to sit and eat but otherwise we walked the entire time. We probably walked at least 3 miles and a couple months ago I could have never done it. A few months ago I would have walked in the mall for maybe an hour if that and would have been so ready to go home but today it wasn’t like that it was great and I still had energy to spare. We came home and started watching some work out videos to see if we liked them and then I just started doing it on top of all the walking we did. I did 50 minutes of a pretty intense work out. It was great I felt so good about myself knowing I could not have done this in the past and now I’m doing it with no problem it was just great.

December 30th, 07
Well today we are only half way through the day so I will add stuff later. I’m doing good and getting back on track after last weeks results. Its okay this week will be good! It has to be I have been working extra hard so there is no way that it can be bad!

December 31st, 07
Today mom is going home which I am bummed about but I know she has to go home at some point. Today is New Years eve and I have absolutely no plans. Just to sit at home and watch the ball drop. Which is fine I would just like to be with family. Oh well. And I have to work today. Mom and I worked out this morning, but I’m really starting to come down with something so I may have to take a break for a couple days we will see.

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