Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Journaling Dec 22nd, 07

Journaling December 22, 07
Today we got up and rove to Flint. We then went to Zhenders for a chicken dinner and ended up with gettting this buffet thing. I did okay there, I ate a littl more than i would at home but did great for being at a buffet. Then we went shopping at Bronners. This was so much fun! I love that store. Following this the boys went to the casino and the girls went shopping! Yeah that was fun too! GREAT TIMES! We took lots of picture today! It was great. We went home and our moms crashed but I sat up waiting for the boys which I shouldn't have because they didn't get back till almost 2 and I knew that I had to get up and drive to Detroit in the morning but I waited anyways and probably fell asleep just a bit before they got there. I couldn't sleep throughout the night it was horrible and all I kept thinking was I have to drive in the morning. But back to my diet. I didn't eat any more meals that day after the buffet which was okay but not at the same time. And had no time to exercise today but we did a crap load of walking which I thought would help...we shall see on Wednesday if I should have thought that.

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