Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Journaling December 6th-12th 07

Journaling December 6th, 07
Today is the second day of my period and I totally feel like not working out and if you are a girl you know exactly what I'm talking about. I did work out though but I didn't do the entire thing especially the section with a million and a half knee lifts...just not good this time. But at least I didd something, when I really wanted to do nothing at all. Its still morning time and I'm loving that I have been getting up as ealry as I have and not sleeping the day away. I'm in a good mood but I'm am extremely angry with our dog. Her cage was moved last night and just close enough that she put her leg through the bars and some how grabbed the christmas lights sitting by the door waiting to be put up outside, she pulled them in her cage and chewed them up...along with her leash...I'm so ridiculously mad at her and want to yell and scream at her but will she even know what I'm mad about at this point??? I don't it...so whats the point then. I don't know I'm not yelling on the outside but I am on the inside. Chris and I are going to get her a new cage today...I'm hoping the bars are too close together for her to get her paws out! Well Lord thank you for today and I'll be back again tomorrow!

December 7th, 07
Today I got to talk to Bill for like 2 hours it was great. We got to talk about my weight loss journey, my journal and everything it was great. We set a goal to lose 100lbs and when we reac h the goal we are going to get the trinity knot tattooed YAY! So lord be with both of us!

December 8th, 07
Today has been a busy day. Had so much to do before work and really didn't have time to work out but I did half of a workout. Then went shopping then went to work. While at work I did a crap load of walking so I'm pretty sure I'm good for my exercise. I can't wait for this time of the month to be over with the way I am feeling so drained lately.

December 9th, 07
I cannot believe it is the 9th of December. After this weekend I will have the next 3 weekends off in a row. I am so EXCITED! Things are busy at work and I'm prepared for the boys to act out being the holidays and all, but I'm praying that they don't. I need to get more motivated in my exercising. I am still doing it but not motivated to do it. And I need to step it up with my exercising as well. Hopefully I can get one of those exercise bands or something. Plus I want to get the biggest loser workout videos as well. WEll I have things to do. It is Sunday one of my busiest days of the week that i work. I'll be back tomorrow! Lord thank you for today. Thank you for your word! It was GREAT!

December 10th, 07
Well I don't have time to type today. I am working working working! See you tomorrow!

December 11th, 07
I didn't work out last night because I was at work till midnight. Yeah I know lame I should have worked out before going to church but I didn't. But I did work out today even though I had a migrane coming on. I didn't feel good for the majority of the day but I made it though. I have to weigh tomorrow...lets pray the scale went down in Jesus Name! AMEN!

December 12th, 07
So today I got up and weighed and I lost 3 more pounds. How awesome is that. I feel like I look bigger but I know its just my mind playing tricks on me. So YAY! I can't beleieve it! Thank you LORD! Now I'm going to go work out and get on with my day but I'ms o happy about this. By the way Chris is taking one of his finals today. Lord be with him through it. Thank you Lord for all you do. You are AMAZING! When Chris got home from school he told me he had this dream that was really weird. He sai dthat we had been trying to get pregnant and I was continuously having my period so never thought I was, he said then all of a sudden we had a baby! He said it was a girl and she was so real and amazing with lots of hair and beautiful. Then I go to work and a coworker says to me I had a dream about you last night. She said you were pregnant and then you had this beautiful baby with lots of hair...I then asked her what is was and she said a little girl. At this point I was thinking wow God is speaking to me or telling me its going to happen soon or something. It was an amazing feeling. I was on cloue nine all evening. Thank you Lord for your promises and for speaking through others!

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