Sunday, January 20, 2008

Journaling January 7th-11th, 08

January 7th, 08
Today I worked forever long. But I’m so proud of myself I had a meeting to be at at 9a but I got up early and did the mile booster 2 times and the mile jog. I was so happy with myself for this. I went to the meeting, came home. Cooked for the hubby. He also ordered for me today the biggest loser volumes 1 and 2 work out videos and he ordered me the eat clean diet book and recipe book. YAY! I’m so happy! Well I worked till 2am. I did lots of reading of the word which is great as always! God is AWESOME! In the devo today was a great word. “The best way to know God’s will is to say “I will” to God.”

January 8th, 08
Well as you can see I worked till 2a last night. I was so tired this morning and did not want to get up and today I really started my period about a week late but its here and I’m exhausted…but oh well I still got my fat butt out of bed and worked out. I always feel better after working out, even though I feel like crap. Looks like this wasn’t the month God wanted us to conceive, but I know it will happen in His time.

January 9th, 07
Well I lost 2.2 lbs! YAY! I’m happy….of course I always want it to be more but I’m still happy. God is so good! I worked out hard this morning. I boosted my workout a few days ago I’m working out longer and harder, but that’s just part of it otherwise I will just stay the same and that wont work for me. I can’t wait to get my books and workouts in the mail….I’m so excited…who would have thought this fat girl would be excited about that but I am! Thank you Lord for this day! Let me be a witness for you!

January 10th, 07
Well today my work out kicked my butt. It felt freaking great! Even though I didn’t think I was going to get through it, getting through it felt so good! I’m doing awesome with my food. Eating healthier and healthier. My hubby has been so great and supportive and telling me he is proud of me I couldn’t have asked for better of a man. He is truly amazing. God is so good to me. I’m so very blessed.

January 11th, 07
I’m super excited today! I’m going to Flint. I’m going to miss my hubby like crazy, but he is going to be working all weekend so I would miss him whether I was here or in Flint. Can’t wait to spend time with my mom and a couple friends! Its going to be great. So I will have to update my journal when I get back! God help me to make healthy choices through the weekend…In your name! AMEN!

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