Sunday, January 20, 2008

Journaling Janurary 12th-16th, 08

January 12th, 08
Today I am in Flint and I have had a million things to do. Well last night dad and I went to see “I am legend” that was intense. Then today started off with mom and I working out, then getting my hair done(which I LOVE), then meeting grandma Doris for lunch and spending some time with her, then stopping by Jeff and Courts salon which was closed by the time I got there, then going to grandma rogers house for a few, then seeing Eli(my godson and his parents), then to go see Jimmy for dinner(took Eli’s mom and dad with), then went to Krysta’s sat and chatted and watched catch and release, then came home sat and conversated with dad then finally went to bed. It was a crazy busy filled day. But it was a good one. I did great with portions….I worked out, the only thing was I had a couple onion rings today and shouldn’t have but outside of that everything was great and I did GREAT! Its getting easier to stick to this plan! Today was great…I’m bummed I’m going home tomorrow but I also miss my hubby like crazy so I’m excited at the same time! Lord thanks for the time I had to come up and visit friends and fam…your GOOD!

January 13th, 08
So its Sunday evening and I’m home. I’m sad I had to leave Flint town, but also happy I will see my hubby in a couple hours. I have lots to do before he gets here. I want to work out and clean up some before he gets home. I had so much fun this weekend….gosh I love my friends…my parents are ABSOLUTELY the best…you won’t find better than them anywhere! Well I just got done doing sweatin’ to the oldies 3 its 55 minutes long and a really good work out! I love it…so yay I worked out even though I planned on taking the day off. Thank you Lord for everything! Goodnight I will see you tomorrow…I have to get up early and exercise before my meeting!

January 14th, 08
Well today I did get up early and exercise…Lord knows I did not want to I wanted to hit the snooze and roll over which I actually did for about 2 minutes and then I got up. I did the biggest loser warm up, low intensity workout and cool down…let me tell you if that is low intensity I don’t know what high is…it was crazy…very difficult but felt so good at the same time….I loved it. Today the hubby is grumpy…he doesn’t feel good and he has worked a crap load of hours I so appreciate everything he does he is the best…I just pray he gets out of this mood and soon!

January 15th, 08
So I know I said this yesterday but I did the biggest loser low intensity again today….”low intensity” MY BUTT! Gosh I could feel the burn…I’m totally not complaining because I absolutely LOVE it! It is a killer though! Today is good….Chris is feeling much better! Gosh I love that man so much, he is so good to me. He says he will work out with me tomorrow…this should be fun…I can’t wait. Thank you Lord for this day…I give it to you!…ps: tomorrow is weigh day and I’m praying I lost big this week…in Jesus NAME! AMEN!

January 16th, 08
Today was weigh day and I lost 1.2 lbs. And I am excited and happy that I lost but at the same time wanted more. I know losing is much better than gaining or evening staying the same. I just expected a little more out of my hard work. Its okay though. Maybe I need to step it up some more. So now my plan is doing what I’m doing….trying to do my best to eat clean….keeping my portions small and everything….this week I started having the whey protein shake to start the day and I’m thinking I will have it end the day as well. So I’m going to say no food after 8 unless its fruit or the shake…so lets see how that works out for me. Thank you Lord for being with me through all of this and keeping me strong. I praise you for it all!

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