Sunday, January 20, 2008

Journaling January 1st-4th, 08

January 1st, 08
Wow I cannot believe that is it 2008! Its crazy to think that. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Well Chelsea ended up staying the night last night and we just sat and watched TV. We were both sick so I took meds and went to bed and didn’t get up till late today. Therefore I did not work out since I’m feeling like crap and I hate working out when I have company I don’t want anyone besides mom to see me working out. Today I made some resolutions that were inspired by the devotional that I’m starting to read. One of my resolutions is to read the bible every day and pray every day…which should always be a priority I have just plain out screwed that up. Also one of my goals is to continue on my weightloss/health journey and continue moving forward. And my other goal was to be the best wife, daughter, sister, friend, and hopefully soon to be mom that I can be. I also want to read the bible in a year which this devotional will help me do it has a plan for that for your daily reading its great. So todays quote is to Act on my goals/resolutions! Oh yeah and tomorrow is weigh day so pray pray pray!

January 2nd, 08
Today I weighed and praise the Lord I lost 4.6 lbs. I am so thankful! This is such hard work and I’m only getting through with the help of God and through him putting people in my life to help me along the way. Today in my devotional there was this quote that I want to live by each day. It goes like this “Give me O Lord, a strong desire To look within Your Word each day; Help me to hide it in my heart, Lest from its truth my feet would stray.” Isn’t that great. Also “the Bible is the Bread of Life, and it never becomes stale.” Both great! I just want to continue to have this excitement about reading the word and living for Christ each day. I pray it is renewed every morning when I get up. God is GOOD!

January 3rd, 08
Well today has been a busy one. I have been working since 9a this morning and I’m getting ready to go back to work. The boys are acting ridiculous! Its crazy. I don’t feel the greatest and I can tell I’m moody. On a positive note. I am LOVING reading this devotional…its called our daily bread. It also has a one year plan to reading the bible which I absolutely love. I know I have only been doing it for 3 days but I’m loving it! It is AWESOME! The quotes are great! Today’s quote is. “You’ll go forth a little stronger With a fresh supply of grace, If each day you meet the Savior In a secret, quiet place.” Isn’t that just great…I love it. God speaks to those who take time to listen, and he listens to those who take time to pray.

January 4th, 08
Today we had the winter Olympics again and we took the boys tubing. It was great fun. The hill was crazy big and while looking at it I thought there is no way my fat but will make it to the top. Then one of my kids reminded me that I told him I would go down with him. So here my fat but starts walking up. Well I made it, it was tough but I made it….a couple months ago I would have never made it to the top, crazy I only went up once but was proud of myself for it. Most people would be like big deal but for someone who is as big as I am it was a big deal. I have been spotting but haven’t fully started my period yet. Being that we had like no sex this month due to lots of things I don’t have my hopes up for a pregnancy even though I’m late but I really do…with God ALL things are possible! Today’s quote from devo is A Christlike life is a message of hope to a searching world.”

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