Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Today is good....

Journal January 22nd, 08
Today is going good....this morning I weighed myself even though it isn't weigh day to see where I am at with hitting this 40lb mark this week...and great news I'm at 39lbs exactly so if I can pull out one more pound between today and tomorrow it will be right on...and would be freaking awesome! Like I said before yesterday was an emotional day and on top of that a friend of mine sent me a text message yesterday stating that she was having a girl....of all days right....oh well...I'm happy for her I really am, just still scarred. Todays devotional was sooooo good though! I know God was talking to me through it. I can't remember the scripture right now. But it talked about how God blesses us with children, and blessed is the one who has many...something along those lines. God knew I needed to hear that today. I still trust and believe he has everything under control. God is good....lets pray I drop that extra pound by tomorrow...I have lost a total of 3 lbs so far this week though so far which is GREAT....so yay...see you tomorrow....be blessed!

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