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Journaling December 13th-21st, 07

Journaling December 13th, 07
Today is my last day of work for 3 days I am too excited! I mean I love my job and my boys and i will miss them, but I need these days, the people I work with are getting on my nerves outside of Foote and Street. Everyone else is so freaking up tight and defensive and its annoying. Oh well! Today Chris took me to lunch...I did good, just had a ceasar salad. Things are going good. Still trusting God about this baby issue.

December 14th, 07
Well its early so I may have stuff to add to this later. But today I have my insurance meeting this morning. Then another meeting this afternoon. But after that I am off work and I have to work out and clean my house.

December 15th, 07
So I got up and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned and then left for Flint Town! While in Flint I got to meet Madison Elizabeth , and got to hold for the first time my godson Elijah Michael. It was great! What a great day. Thank you Lord!

December 16th, 07
We are still in Flint and the weather is awful and I'm totally dreading the drive home. We went shopping and spent way more money on Eli than we planned. Its okay though we love him. Then we went to visit him and had a great time. Chris love Sean...I think they are going to be great friends! Also a great thing happened today. On our way when we were getting ready to leave Alexis pulled Chris aside and asked him to be Eli's godfather how aweseom is that! I'm so excited for him! He loves that baby so much! YAY! Its been a great weekend now time to go home =(

December 17th, 07
So today I worked out and I haven't worked out in 2 days due to being in Flint! Its okay though because I did an awesome job with my meals! I'm getting ready to head out and get ready for work but wanted to stop and update!

December 18th, 07
Well tomorrow Chris is having surgery on his foot! And tomorrow is weigh day! Praying for the scale number to DROP! Lets hope I don't get all crazy nervous about it again! Still praying for a baby! Thank you Lord for everything! Keep me strong and anyone who is reading this just be with them!

December 19th, 07
So today was weigh day and as last week I was very nervous!!! But I lost 4 lbs! Can you believe it....Thank you Jesus! You are amazing! Thanks for keeping me strong! Tonight was hard I wanted to eat way more than I should. I didn't...but I wanted too, but I want a baby more than I want the food and I want to be healthy more than I want the food and I want to be much smaller more than I want the food! Thank you Lord! Chris had surgery on his foot today. Were praying the test results come back all good! He is doing good but is very grumpy...he doesn't want any direction on taking care of himself, oh well he will hear it whether he likes it or not because its my job to make sure everything heals correctly! See you tomorrow!

December 20th, 07
Today is Abrahams birthday(our dog)! Wow he is 3 years old which is crazy! Today is my last day to work for this week and I have a 3 day weekend and so much planned. Lots to do. Today I decided to do a different work out. I chose Leslie Sansones 1 mile booster! This was great! I loved it. Its half the time of sweatin to the oldies but about 4 times the workout I could feel it so much more the sto...but I have been doing sto for so long now that my body probably needed a switch up!

December 21st, 07
Well my inlaws are coming into town tonight which is very exciting I just have so much to do before they get here. I just got done working out though so were good there. I have to get up so super early in the morning because we are going to Flint in the morning! Oh so much to do and so much shopping to do today! WOW. I just realized I still have to pack! Well I have to get off of here. I will be in Flint till Christmas eve so I will see you again on the 24th unless of course I get a chance to update throughout the weekend. Lord be with me...don't let me over eat being that we are eating out pretty much every meal from today till Chrismas eve!

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