Thursday, January 10, 2008

Journaling November 22nd-28th, 07

November 22nd, 07
Today is Thanksgiving and I have soooo much cooking to do. I don't have time to be on here. But I just stopped on to ask the Lord to give me strength and to remind me of my goals. It stinks not being with my family today but my boys (the ones I work with) can't be either and they need me. So be with me today Lord!

November 23rd, 07
Well last night was a blast! Chels and I played in the snow with the boys for almost 3 hours it was great fun! I did great yesterday with it being Thanksgiving and all..I really hardly ate anything...I think I got sick from the soup I ate or something, but that kept me from eating all the other junk so YAY! Today is going good. Chris and I went to applebees for lunch. It was great we ordered lunch combos which are portioned out as lunches and it made it so much easier. I seemed to be hungry all day though and I don't know why. I didn't over eat or anything but something in me wanted to, I just never felt satisfied...but I made it through it. I worked out but not hard I was still very sore from playing in the snow last night. But at least I did a little something. Its better than nothing and I didn't use my soreness as an excuse to do nothing. By the way I can't weit till Chris is done with his class. I know he is thinking about going for his paramedic now which is great and I'm so happy for him...I just completely miss him. I feel like he is not here even when he is here because he is always studying. Hey maybe this is why I wanted to eat all day yesterday. Maybe food is an emotional thing for me...I don't know. I'm so proud of my hubby! He is great! God is good! Getting me through as always. I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me! Thank you Lord!

November 24th, 07
I did not want to get up this morning. I just wanted to sleep all day long but I got my fat butt out of bed and yes I worked out! I don't know why I feel so wore out today its not like I did much yesterday. Even when I worked out yesterday I didn't work out super hard. Must be something hormonal or something. Anyways I did work out. My amazing hard working hubby is doing more ambulance time this morning. So its just me and the dogs right now. I think I'm going to go chill for a bit before getting ready for work. Lord continue to be with me and don't let me take my moodiness out on the man I love more than anyone else! He is amazing and I am blessed to hame him! Thank you Lord for blessing me with such an awesome husband!

November 25th, 07
Today is going good. Always hard to work out on Sundays that I work because of church and then work but I plan on doing at least something tonight. Gosh I have been feeling so hungry the past couple day and I don't know wy. I have been eating healthy and everything but it has to be something off balance I feel like eating eating eating. Usually a few days before my period I want to eat and eat but its not even close to the time so I don't know whats going on with my body but I can't give into this. And I won't give into it. Lord help me through!

November 26th, 07
Well I worked out last night for almost the full video which is great because I pretty much wanted to do nothing. Today is going GREAT! This morning I decided to try on a pair of jeans that I haven't been able to get even close to bottoning up since the day I boght them a few months ago and today I got them on and done up. Now they are compltely tight but I don't care I got them buttoned YAY! Things are going good I'm just very very busy due to work and things I have to go in early today so I need to get going. I MUST WORK OUT TONIGHT! Lord continue to be with me!

November 27th, 07
Well I didn't work out yesterday...yeah I know right. I know I suck but I ended up working pretty much all day and I was wore out when I got home. But I did work out today. We grocery shopped some good healthy stuff. Still doing good but feeling really wore out and hungry lately...I feel all out of wack! But God is still keeping me strong. I'm holding on. I have to weigh tomorrow and I'm just praying the scale dropped!

November 28th, 07
Well its about 12:30p and I have goote so much stuff done today! First I woke up just after 8a and weighed and I lost 1.6 lbs YAY! Then I worked out(I worked out very hard)...I think I was super motivated by the weight loss. Then I went on a cleaning frenzy. I cleaned the entire kitchen and all dishes by hand, then I started cleaning our bedroom. Well the house looks good, I feel good, and I made lunch for the hubby and I. Its a great day! God is GOOD! Continue to be with me today! Also be with street. Thank you so much for being with me through this. Thanks you for the people you have placed in my life to help me as well. You are an AWESOME God and I thank you for everything. WOOHOOO...not sure why I put that but I was feeling it inside. Oh yeah and mom and dad are coming down in 2 days YAY I'm so ridiculously EXCITED!!!!

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