Sunday, January 20, 2008

Journaling 17th-20th, 08

January 17th, 08
So I stuck to my new plan yesterday with the whole not eating a “meal” meal after 9p. When I got home I had one scoop of low fat cottage cheese along with an apple. I’m sure this is just the boost I need for more fat burning. Everything is great…I have been cooking healthy food and it just feels really good. Amazingly I have grown to love the taste of healthy food….you don’t need to add all that extra crap to a meal to make it taste good…it already tastes good on its own really when you add so much to it your not even tasting the food you made. I am so proud of myself right now…if you know me…you know how far I have come compared to just 3 months ago. God is so good! I know he is going to continue seeing me through! He has placed amazing people in my life to encourage and support me and cheer me on in this time. Thank you Lord for everything! You are good!

January 18th, 08
Last night I spoke to Chels about calorie intake and she said there is no way that I am eating enough and that when you do that it slows down your metabolism into a starvation mode and you lose less weight. In my mind I’m thinking how can you eat too little and lose less weight. She emailed me and told me I only eat about 1300 calories a day and I should be having at least 1800. And then today I was reading the eat clean diet book and in there it says the exact same thing. Chels is so smart(not that I didn’t believe her in the first place). So now I’m having a bigger breakfast but everything else will stay the same except for I might add more fruit here and there. So now instead of just having my protein shake for breakfast I will have oatmeal along with it. The book says you should start your day with oatmeal everyday and a protein and she says either 4 or 5 egg whites or whey protein shake…which I already do the whey protein shake so just gotta add the oatmeal. Things are going good. I did weigh myself…I have only lost a pound so far…I know I’m not suppose to weigh until Wednesday…but I want to be sure to hit my 40lbs total weight loss by this week so I’m keeping a close eye on it. Thank you Lord for the strength and encouragement you give me.

January 19th, 08
So the scale didn’t budge from yesterday to today. Bummer. Oh well…can’t do anything about it except keep pushing forward to my 40lb goal for now. Lord help me get there this week in your name! Well gotta go work out. I added the oatmeal to my breakfast today, lets hope this helps in keeping my metabolism running good and strong and burning fat all day long! Lord I give you this day!

January 20th, 08
Today Chris went to work early…my hard working hubby…he is so great! And I hit the workouts. I counted up and today is the 17th day in a row that I have worked out without skipping! Isn’t that great! I’m so proud of myself…I should be burning some serious calories right?! So today I weighed and I lost a pound between yesterday morning and this morning yay…so I think I just need 3 more by Wednesday…yes I know Wednesday is only 3 days away but with God on my side it can happen and I’m claiming that it is going to…I am going to hit my 40lb this week(by weigh day) in Jesus name! Lord help me get there! I feel great about myself…a little sore which is AWESOME! God has been giving me the strength to get through my workouts and its great! I was talking to Chris the other day and I told him the only thing that I am missing by not going to the gym is the bike. And he said that a lady at his work is possibly trying to sell hers…he is going to look into it. I hope and pray that it’s a good one and that it’s a good price! Thank you lord for everything. Help my hubby stay alert and get through this day! You are amazing God!

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