Sunday, January 27, 2008

This weekend....

January 25th, 08
Today we are in Flint. We spent some time with our godson. We went to lunch with Sean and Alexis for her bday. Then we headed to snow fest and walked around and took some pics. Then the boys hit the casino and the girls watched a movie. It was a great and busy day. Today was the first day in 23 days that I didn’t do a workout video. Chels told him you should not work out more than 6 days in a row and that your body needs a day of rest…I didn’t want to do it, but I did. I just know if I miss one day, one day becomes two days and two become three and so on. But today was good!

January 26th, 08
Well went to lunch with dad today. Then went to spend time with our godson again and his parents which we love. Played some games. Went home and cooked a big dinner for dad, alexis, sean, krysta and her kids for krystas bday. This was a great time. Then played some games. We are leaving in the morning, which is a bummer. We didn’t get to spend much time with mom and dad this time…that will be what we need to do next time, my parents are the best. They put up with all these peeps in there house over this weekend. I love them…I‘m so blessed. God is good!

January 27th, 08
Drove back to the bend today from Flint. Gosh I hate leaving everyone at home. And Chris keeps talking about Missouri. I will have to do some serious praying about this but I just don’t want to go there unless my parents are coming too. I don’t want to live more than 3 hours away from them…shoot I don’t want to live more than 30 minutes away, so unless God tells me to…I’m not gonna. Today I feel like just sleeping sleeping sleeping. But I’m not going to, I did work out yesterday, and today. Feeling good. But also feel like I ate a little too much this weekend, and I’m praying that I still lose weight. I don’t want a wasted week. I’m missing everyone at home. Missing my hubby because he is working. Guess I will go clean so that I don’t eat! God thank you for this weekend. Thank you for the time spent with family and friends. You know the desires of my heart I don’t even have to ask, you already know what I want and need. You are amazing. And I pray that I have lost weight this week. In your name amen!

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