Monday, April 28, 2008

I was behind a couple I'm now caught up!

April 17th, 08
Packing to go to Flint and I am so excited about it! Leaving tonight!

April 18th, 08
We are in Flint for the weekend celebrating my birthday and going to the “Laugh your way to a better marriage” conference. Today we spent time in the sun at the campground fishing and working out and just spent time together it was great!

April 19th, 08
This morning we went to the conference. After the conference we went back out to the camp ground and spent the day out there. Chris spent the day fishing and I did some too. I only caught one fish the entire time but that is okay the wait was worth it.

April 20th, 08
Its Sunday the day before my bday and we are going to the campground and having a cook out and spending the day out there. We went putt putt, fishing, and out on the paddle boats which was a work out. I got a crap load of sun and I’m loving it! YAY! What a great birthday weekend! I am so blessed. I even did good with what I ate I didn’t over eat although it was things that I don’t usually eat so I’m thinking the scale wont move much if at all this week!

April 21st, 08
Its my BIRTHDAY! But I have to work. Chris got me lunch today. And we drove home this morning. Gosh this weekend was so great. This is the best birthday I have had in a while! I love it! Thank you Lord!

April 22nd, 08
Well tomorrow is weigh day and I’m not looking forward to it because I didn’t over eat but just ate some things my body isn’t use to. It is okay though even if I don’t lose weight I wont be too upset about it this time. I will just work extra hard next week to get it off!

April 23rd, 08
So I predicted right, I did not lose weight. But like I said I am okay with it being it was my birthday week. I am going to bust my butt this week to get this fat off though.

April 24th, 08
My workout today was great. I just love working my butt off at the gym(literally). My workouts have been great. And my eating habits are so good now. God is just awesome.

April 25th, 08
Its Friday my day off! YAY! First I had a great workout. Then I went to lunch with Chels and to the huge farmers market in Elkhart. Then I cam home and got ready to go on my birthday date with my hubby! I spoiled myself and got ribs. But I got the small order and I actually split that dinner into 4 or 5 meals between the ribs and sweet potatoe I was set for meals throughout the next day which was nice. It was a great evening with my hubby!

April 26th, 08
Went to the gym with Chris which was great as usual. Great workout. I can’t wait for next weekend when we get to go to flint. I’m praying for nice weather so we can spend most of our time at the camp ground!

April 27th, 08
This weekend has been good! Busy with work but good. Getting all my workouts in and eating healthy. Although I have felt super hungry all weekend and feel like I have been eating non stop, but it seems to be working for me.

April 28th, 08
Monday morning! I just got back from a meeting at work. And now I’m gonna work out! I’m praying I hit my 80 lb mark this week. Which means I will have had to lose 4.4 lbs this week which I know is a stretch but I can do it especially since I didn’t lose anything last week I know I can pull this out….I have to! So time to go work out!

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