Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Another Rough day....

April 7th, 08
I worked a double today and I expected the day to be wonderful but a huge damper was put on it. Today I took my boys that I work with to the museum in Chicago. Well they have everything in this museum its pretty great until….they have this section about prenatal stuff. And that have actual babies there that are kept intact by some fluid that’s in the jars that they are in. These babies were all alive at one time and now they are on display at a freaking museum. I got to see exactly what stage each of my babies were and what they looked like at the time I miscarried. There was also a set of twin girls there, and I can’t get that image out of my mind. What the heck is wrong with this world. I was so disturbed by this….I had remove myself from the group for a bit I couldn’t keep it together…and I have been so good at it but this I couldn’t. I was sickened for the day. I will never go to this museum again….I just don’t understand….

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