Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Can't believe its already April!

March 30th, 08
Well its Sunday and I feel like we got a lot done. We got up early enough to listen to the entire church service online and make it to the gym and get a full workout in. However today at the gym I don’t know if I pushed it too hard or what but I was on the verge of passing out. And also felt some horrible pain in my upper belly which I thought was possibly a hernia. Thank God the pain ended up going away and finally felt able to walk around….also thank God Chris was there! God is good and his protection is amazing!

March 31st, 08
Today I had a meeting at work and I planned on going to the gym but after the meeting I got really light headed again and started sweating(almost like an anxiety attack without the anxiety because I wasn’t upset). It was really weird. I was going to go to the gym anyways but Chris wouldn’t have been there if something happened so I skipped it on that day. Its okay I will make up for it. I have learned that I don’t have to go every single day and taking a day off here and there is fine as long as it doesn’t become multiple days off but you should have at least one day off per week.

April 1st, 08
Today is April fools…but no one played an april fools joke on me today which is good! Things are good. My workout today was really good! Tomorrow is weigh day…and I’m super praying for something great because I lost nothing last week so I need to make up for that. Have a great day and be blessed!

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