Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our 3 year anniversary weekend was AWESOME!(hope I didn't gain any weight...I'll find out tomorrow)

February 13th, 08
I can’t wait for this weekend. Chris and I are going to Lapeer to celebrate our anniversary it is going to be great. I need some time away from everything!

February 14th, 08
Well its Valentine’s day. We don’t do much since our anniversary is just 4 days later we count our anniversary and valentines together. I have been working out lots and hard. I know this weekend we will be going out a lot so I’m praying that I don’t gain anything!

February 15th, 08
YAY we are going away for the weekend I’m skipping a few days so see you Monday!

February 18th, 08
Today is our 3 year anniversary! What an amazing 3 years it has been. My hubby is the best! I love him so much! We had a great weekend! The only day that I ate bad was Friday but other than that I did pretty good! I’m hoping the scale thinks I did good too. I missed 2 days of working out but did work out a lot yesterday so I hope that helped out! God is good…thank you Lord for these past 3 years and the years to come!

February 19th, 08
I got a workout routine made for me by my trainer Lori at the gym! She is awesome! We love her! Chris is working out with me too. Its just great to have this to do together! God is so good! Tomorrow is weigh day! Lord let me hit the 50lb mark this week…AMEN!

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