Thursday, February 7, 2008

Short journaling days....not too much to say right now...just keep on keeping on!

February 5th, 08
Slept in today because I am working 12 hours, but I did get up in time to work out before going to work. Things are good. Trying to not be anxious or impatient on hearing things back about Ada. Still praying! Lord I give you this day.

February 6th, 08
Not much to put today…today was weigh day and I’m at 46lbs. I plan to hit 50 by next Wednesday…I know I can!

February 7th, 08
Today is going good. Just feeling tired(its that time). I have a TCI training today which is pretty physical so I may skip out on my exercise this morning because I know what is to come. Lord your Good….help me to keep my head up, and know that you are in control!

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