Saturday, February 23, 2008

Life is good....

February 21st, 08
Today Chris had his physical agility exam for the fire department and he passed with flying colors. I am so proud of him. He is so great! I hope he feels that I have been the support that he has been to me through this weight loss journey I’m on. Working out together has just been so great. Today I worked out alone since he had this exam and I worked out hard…it took me an hour and half just to complete my weights. Then I spent an hour on cardio. I’m not complaining it hurts but I love it. Life is good…God is good!

February 22nd, 08
Tonight is girls night out. One of my friends is going through a divorce and so we decided that we need to go out and get her mind off of things. So tonight that is exactly what we are going to do. But for the day Chris and I are going to go work out. Then we are going to lunch. Then I think I’m taking a nap to prepare for the night…I’m the driver as usual being that I don’t drink! See you tomorrow.

February 23rd, 08
Last night was so much fun….I danced for about 3 and a half hours straight….what a freaking workout. It was great fun. Plus I got to see one of my favorite people while we were out I haven’t seen her in over a year so it was really just great! We had a good clean night of fun! I got home a little after 4a and got to bed a little after 5a….so needless to say I didn’t get up until 12:30p and I could have slept a lot longer. My plan is to clean the house but I’m thinking about crashing again I am wore out! I’m not making it to the gym today but I’m still going to workout with one or two of my videos. Thank you Lord for the great evening out and for being with me. Even though I went out all night I didn’t make bad choices when it comes to food…and my drink of choice was water so I should still be on track this week. I hope I hit 55lbs by Wednesday!

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