Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Been a few days since I posted on here...sorry...but now I'm caught up!

February 24th, 08
Today I am TIRED! Chris and I did go work out and met with Lori about the nutrition stuff. I think that she thinks I’m right on with my foods for the most part but she wants Chris to change his. Things are good. I think I’m going to bed extra early tonight! God is good!

February 25th, 08
Chris and I went to the gym as usual. But Chris went to Pinnacle and I went to Fitness since I had a meeting today…that is how Mondays usually are. I am nervous about my weigh in this week because I just don’t feel great this week. I’m not sure why I have been busting my butt in the gym and haven’t over ate but Lori said its normal when starting to really use weights to not lose much right away and said that muscle holds more water than fat does…which I had no clue about that one! See you tomorrow!

February 26th, 08
Well I had to work till 2 am last night which wasn’t bad no big deal and its OT so whatever! It really threw me off though eating schedule wise…I was starving but knew I shouldn’t eat because of how late it was. I ended up eating a grapefruit just to kinda hold myself over till I went home and got in bed. Tomorrow is weigh day…I’m still hoping for the 55 lb mark but still nervous to weigh….Lord help me! P.S Lori(our trainer) says people should not rely on the numbers on the scale but in other things about how they feel and how their clothes are fitting better and such, I still don’t think I can get past the numbers on the scale at this point though….yes I am obsessed with it!)

February 27th, 08
So today I weighed and…..I lost 2.2 lbs this week…I was hoping for more but I will take the 2.2 because I really didn’t think I lost anything at all. And I pretty much hit my 55lb goal….if we want to be exact I’m at 54.8 lbs lost! So I pretty much hit my goal this week! Thank you Lord! Well have a great day and I will see you tomorrow!

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