Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wow I was further behind in keeping this updated than I thought...

February 28th, 08
Staying on track. Working out. Can’t wait to have tomorrow off of work!

February 29th, 08
Today we went to a surprise birthday party for one of our friends. His wife is currently pregnant and she has really popped out there. We haven’t seen them in quite some time and it was really kind of hard to see them, I know it just has to be the pregnancy thing which I don’t know why I feel that way…I mean I do but I don’t want to feel that way. I’m totally happy for them I really am, it just must be satan trying to get me down. But anyways we went to dinner and I did really good I stayed away from the basket of tortilla chips and just ate part of my salad. I was super happy about that!

March 1st, 08
Well today I had to go into work at 6am due to someone calling off which made for a long day and no work out…I was mostly bummed that I didn’t get to spend the morning with my hubby and go to the gym. I’m super tired so I’m going to bed.

March 2nd, 08
Today I also worked 12 hours….because of another call off….ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME! We have had 4 call offs in the past 2 days it is ridiculous. However I did get to go to the gym today which I was super happy about. I worked out super hard…but I think I did something wrong because my back is not feeling too hot.

March 3rd, 08
Well one of my favorite kids was discharged from our facility today. I was so happy for him but so sad to see him leave, I pray that God will be with him. Today my back is in bad shape. I went to pick up a laundry basket and couldn’t do it. Then when I went to stand up I fell over in tears. It was awful, but I went to work on some pain meds because I knew there was no way I was calling off after this weekend of call offs and chances were that there would be another call off tonight…and I was right someone else did call off but I did not stay over my back was too jacked up.

March 4th, 08
Went to the doc today about my back and got some muscle relaxers. My back was starting to feel better on its own but you never know when that could happen again. Things are good. Tomorrow is weigh day, but also that time of the month day so I’m not expecting the scales to say much.

March 5th, 08
Well I weighed today and lost another 2.2 lbs….which is good…I will take it! Thank you Lord for continuing to be with me and helping me to continually lose weight. You are amazing Lord!

March 6th, 08
Well I didn’t get to work out today. I worked a double from 6a-10p so I was wore out! Not much to say today but mom is coming to visit tomorrow I am so excited!

March 7th, 08
Mom is here and will be here until Sunday evening so I won’t be typing too much. I’m just so happy she is here. YAY!

March 8th, 08
So I took mom to my gym today and we went to Zumba class which was ridiculously FUN! I loved it! I’m going to be doing that again! It was great! We had a great day! God is Good!

March 9th, 08
I’m bummed mom went home. We had so much fun. I am praying for the day that we will live closer and wont have to say goodbye for weeks at a time! But I am thankful that she got to come down. I’m doing good on my eating and exercising! Not much to say but have a good day!

March 10th, 08
I love getting to go to the gym with my hubby, it is so much fun! He is great and always lets me know how proud he is of me! I’m hoping to hit my 60 lb mark this week I know its kind of asking a lot but not really I only have to lose 3 lbs to hit it so lets make it happen!!! =)

March 11th, 08
Well I’m working another 12 hour day, but I did get up and work out! Tomorrow I probably wont since I’m getting home after 2am but I will try to do something tomorrow. And tomorrow is weigh day! Lord I pray that I have lost!

March 12th, 08
YAY I hit my 60 lb mark and went over a little bit. I lost 3.8 lbs which puts me at about 61 lbs YAY YAY YAY! Thank you Jesus!!! God is so good!

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