Friday, March 14, 2008

The weather is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm loving it!

March 13th, 08
Well the weather is great praise God. I didn’t go to the gym today but I did do the biggest loser work out and it was a killer but I loved it. Things are going great. Chris is sick though…I’m hoping he gets better soon! God Bless!

March 14th, 08
Its FRIDAY which means it is my day off of work so YAY! I’m so super happy about that. I went shopping this morning for a few things then came home and cooked then cleaned out the garage all by myself(Chris is sick). I didn’t get tired at all and I know before I started working out there is no way I could have done it without taking a break! Then I cleaned the cars out…all they need now is washed the insides look great and the outsides look horrible…lol. Today I also got in my car and tracked a 3.3 mile course around and through my neighborhood. I really wanted to just do 3 miles and then Chris told me a 5K was 3.2 miles and I had already started the course over once and I didn’t want to recalculate again just for a tenth of a mile besides more is better than less right so I’m so excited to go and do this 3.3 miles I know I can do it and eventually I will be running it…not any time soon…but eventually I will I have faith in God and myself that it will happen. Well its too nice outside to be in here on this computer so have a blessed day!

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