Sunday, February 3, 2008

Busy few days....

January 31st, 08
Too much to do today. But I am excited I weighed this morning and now I’m at 44.8 lbs lost! YAY! I am going up to Flint this afternoon and I have to go to work right now. So I won’t have much to say for the next couple days! God is good…be blessed!

February 1, 08
So I’m in Flint and I surprised Bill and Pam last night which was GREAT! I have been crazy busy so it has been hard to eat every couple hours like I should but I’m being sure not to sit and just kill a huge meal. Things are going good. I have been getting recommendation letters and they are great. I’m so very appreciative for them. God is good ALL the time! I’m going home first thing in the morning =(

February 2nd, 08
Well last night was good I got to talk to Jenny who has the connection with this lady who cares for Ada at this time. She read our letters and said she was taking them over to her ASAP. Things look good…just got a lot of red tape stuff to get through. God is in control is all I know. Now all we can do is sit and wait and most importantly PRAY! If your reading this please pray for us as well and this precious little girl. Driving home this morning was horrible…that roads were bad, but once I got past lansing it was pretty smooth sailing. Lord continue to be with me and help me through! In your NAME AMEN!

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