Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Been a few days....

June 19th-22nd
Well our camping trip was GREAT for the most part. The Lord blessed us with AWESOME weather even though it was suppose to rain the entire weekend. We went to the Big Ticket Festival on Friday which was Chris’ bday and we were so blessed in being there. It was a great day of praise! Then there was Saturday and we did some 4 wheelin which was tons of fun until I hear a siron behind me and its DNR…apparently I was off roading where I shouldn’t be and I got a ticket but not only that had to pay $100 bond to keep me from going to jail and my atv from being impounded. They actually held me there and my atv for over an hour….funny now…wasn’t funny then! I am proud of myself though because even though I was on vacation I got up before everyone else and worked out every day! Thank you God for an awesome weekend!

June 23rd, 08
Back to work….I feel yucky this week. When I look in the mirror I keep seeing the old me back when I first started and I feel like I look like I have lost no weight at all. I know weird right. I know I don’t look the same but for some reason just don’t feel that way this week. I have even been having dreams that when I wake up I will have gained all my weight back…craziness I know…but I will get past it! God is good!

June 24th, 08
Today I worked a double and didn’t get a chance to get a work out in however I went to Chicago for the day and went to the shedd aquarium, and navy pier. So I walked the entire day! It was a good day it was beautiful walking the pier and the aquarium was just great!

June 25th, 08
I can’t believe it is already the end of June! This year is flying by. Today was weigh day and it wasn’t what I hoped for but it was something. I lost 2 lbs…not enough but I will take it. I feel like I’m working so hard and wish the numbers of loss were bigger…but I also have to understand that now that I’m smaller the numbers each week will be smaller too! Its all good! God is good! I’m setting a goal of 4.5 lbs to lose this week!

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