Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Catching up on entries...I'm a few days behind!

June 12th, 08
Today I am packing all morning(but I did get my workout in) and we are leaving for Flint tonight yay! See you on Monday!

June 13th-15th, 08
Well Friday I went back up to my old job and everyone was great. They were so excited to see me and the weight I had lost. The said I’m an inspiration to them. It was great. Then we went camping for the weekend. It was great fun! I did great with eating(you know when camping its easy to over eat and just snack, snack, snack but I didn’t I did really well! Thank you Lord for such a great weekend.

June 16th, 08
Well no work out today we drove home in the morning and then I had to get ready for work, then off to work I went so nothing really to say for today except for God is Good!

June 17th, 08
Getting back into the swing of things with my regular workouts(it was hard with camping I mean I was very active but didn’t have my set aside workout time). I’m hoping I lost weight this week…we shall see in the morning. For some reason every time we come back from a weekend away I either lost like a half pound or nothing which is super frustrating because I do so well while gone. But I guess nothing or a half pound is better than gaining any day. Chris seems to think I must retain water or something but whatever. We will see tomorrow. God please let me have lost at least a couple pounds this week!

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