Wednesday, June 4, 2008


June 4th, 08
So its weigh day and thank the Lord I actually lost 2 lbs. Now I’m 2.2 away from 100lbs! So I’m happy with that and thankful for it. I’m really down today though for multiple reasons. I have a situation at work that I’m dealing with that is just well….there are no words for it really. And then of course the fact that I really thought this month was the month for us to be pregnant. Then last night a friend(the person will remain unnamed) who is married and her and her husband live with her parents and have a baby who is 8 months old just emailed my husband to tell him that they were pregnant again but didn’t want to tell me because they didn’t want to upset me. First of all to think my husband would keep something from me is ridiculous. Second of all….oh never mind….-no judging tracy- no judging tracy- no judging! I have to go pray and work out because my mind is not right, right now. I’m so frustrated that I just don’t know what to do with myself. I still thank God for being who he is and I know everything will work out and I know one day we will be blessed with a child…I’m just wondering when….. And my frustrations well I know He has got it under control I just have to hand them over to Him instead of harboring them inside! God has brought me so far, He really has changed my heart and how I see things!

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