Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I HIT MY first BIG GOAL...time to set a new one!!!!!!!

June 10th, 08
Only a couple more days till we go camping and I’m very excited! I’m still working out hard!!!! Tomorrow is weigh day and I’m looking forward to it.

June 11th, 08
So I weighed today and I lost 5 lbs which puts me past my one hundred pounds!!!! Can you believe it. I weigh 270! So I’m at a total of 102.8 so pretty much 103 lbs lost….unbelievable, but its true! No surgery….no pills….just a lot of God and fam and friends support, healthy eating and lots of exercise! So now its time for me to set up a new goal. This time I am going to set for 50 lbs so that will be around 220. Once I reach that I will set another 50 pound loss goal. But I don’t want to make the number huge so I’m going with 50 for this time. I have never been smaller than this outside of second grade…lol…but really I don’t know what weight is the right weight for me so I’m going to start breaking my goals down till I figure it out! Have a blessed day! Thank you God for helping me reach this goal that I didn’t think I would ever hit….you are so good!!!

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