Friday, June 6, 2008

Giving it to God....

June 5th, 08
So today I’m feeling better than yesterday. God provided things yesterday just at the times I needed them from one person in particular that I would have never thought of and she didn‘t even know I was upset about anything, that is how I know Gods hand was in it and he was trying to tell me he is still there and listening. I know God is in control and he cares for me and is going to work everything out. I’m super excited about being so close to my 100lb goal. I know I’m going to hit it this week! I’m happy I have the day off tomorrow and I’m going to spend the first half with my amazing supportive hubby and the last half with a very good friend. God continue to be with me and helping me and THANK YOU! Please be with anyone who reads this and help them with whatever they are going through.

June 6th, 08
Today I have the day off…THANK GOD! This morning I had a good work out. And now I’m spending time with my hubby. This evening I’m going to hang out with a great friend who is overdue so I think we are going to try to walk that baby out. Thank you Lord for this day! I give it to you!

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