Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Swimsuit shopping....

June 2nd 08
I had a good workout this morning but got tired pretty quickly, at least way sooner than usual. Then Chris and I walked to the store. We went to Fashion Bug because I wanted to look at swimsuits. Well I grabbed a 22 and for wishful thinking also grabbed a 20(it’s a tankini with a skirt bottom and obviously you can’t have it be too tight or the skirt wont look like a skirt). So I go into the changing room to try them on…and…what do you know the 20 fits. Yeah pretty ridiculous that I’m excited about getting into a 20 but I don’t care I am. You see last summer I went swimsuit shopping with my mom and I was trying on 28s and they did not even fit. The top would roll up over my fat self and the bottoms didn’t look like skirts so I refused to buy bigger than a 28 so I didn’t buy one and now this summer I put on a 20 with no rolling up and the skirt looks like a skirt I could hardly believe it. I’m so happy about that! So YAY!

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